March 20, 2017 by Reetu Gupta
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As I put the VR goggles on my head, my hair clip comes in the way. I decide to hold the goggles with my left hand and use the controller in my right hand. Then, the instructor starts the program. Suddenly I’m in a world of magic and curse. The instructor asks me to pick a virtual ball from a virtual basket with my controller and put it in the fire. As I do that, it makes me feel like I’m getting bigger and bigger and everything around me is shrinking and becoming tiny. And I could see everything around me in this virtual world.  It was a strange feeling. Few minutes later, I stepped away from the virtual world and came back in the real world in Austin Texas where I spent four days at SXSW festival. Today reflecting back on my trip from a week ago, I realized that I grew so much in those four days that my horizon has expanded and the world around me seems to have shrunk.

SXSW - A huge fun festival

SXSW – A huge fun festival


February 2, 2017 by Devika Baliga
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Staying up late, studying for hours, and asking the teacher a million questions, this is also known as finals’ week. And this week comes twice a year – after semester 1 and semester 2. Your school may have a different setting than twice a year but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s grueling week. As a junior in high school who has survived five high school finals weeks (there’s two each school year), I know the drill. Here are some of my Dos and Don’ts for you to ponder upon. Use whatever pieces work for you.


Taking finals and acing them too!


January 16, 2017 by Reetu Gupta
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Today marks the 88th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MLK Jr. was a great leader and is still a role model for all US men, women, and children. He not only stood for people of color, but he actually stood for all the people who were disregarded. He fought for equity of all who didn’t stand up for themselves. MLK became a voice for them and fought for their rights. He inspired the whole country with his very famous speech “I Have a Dream” speech. He urged everyone to stretch themselves outside their comfort zone and have their own dreams. He left a legacy of not only dreaming but also doing. Today we asked an elementary school student, a middle school student as well as a high school student about what do they think about MLK Jr. and how he impacts them, 49 years after his death.

Symbol of our freedom

Symbols of our country’s sacrifices and freedom


January 12, 2017 by Devika Baliga
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After spending winter break with friends and family, we are back in the school and classroom, starting a new year. For many of you, 2017 brings a change of school level from middle school to high school. This can be a big transition for many students. Biggest unknown, hence challenge being what courses should you take? This is also a scary subject for parents who haven’t had experience putting kids through high school. We received a lot of requests from parents who are unsure about this big step. So here we will help you understand the basics.



December 18, 2016 by Reetu Gupta
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Cirkled in is thrilled to announce its partnership with Girls Scouts of Western Washington. We are excited to be part of GSWW girls’ experience and help them be ready to put their best foot forward for any application.


Girl Scouts of Western Washington is pleased to unveil a new resource to our Girl Scouting community. This fall, a group of Girl Scouts in grades 10-12 were selected to join Cirkled in, and more girls will have the opportunity to join as we expand the partnership this spring!


December 15, 2016 by Devika Baliga
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Woo-hoo! I’m done with my PSAT and SAT. Right after taking PSAT, I decided to take SAT. I’m so glad that I stayed in that testing mode and took care of the biggest test. Now I feel relieved and my high school life is going into holiday mode and I’m so looking forwarding to relaxing and enjoying the winter break. You may ask –  what I’m planning for my winter break? So here is my plan. Care to share your plan? Let me know what are you planning. Write back to us on our various social media channels.



December 1, 2016 by Devika Baliga
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We’ve all heard those stories of colleges wanting to find a good fitting, holistic candidate for their institution, but do you know what lengths they go to find information on you? Did you know 900 colleges and universities have made SAT/ACT optional and are searching for complete view of their candidates? Lacking any formal platform for students, where are they looking? One of the last places you’d expect and would want them to —social media. Yes, the place where you post silly pictures of your dogs and write about your views on issues for your friends and family to see!


November 29, 2016 by Reetu Gupta
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Cirkled in™ wins one Gold and three Silver Stevie® Awards in 2016 STEVIE AWARDS FOR WOMEN IN BUSINESS

Cirkeld in - Winner of 4 Stevie Awards 2016!

Cirkled in – Winner of 4 Stevie Awards 2016!

Cirkled in™ today won four 2016 Stevie® Awards. The company’s CEO, Reetu Gupta was selected for the Gold Stevie® Award of “Female Entrepreneur of the Year”. Cirkled in™ also won three Silver Stevie® Awards for the “New Product and Services of the Year”, “Startup of the Year”, and “Company of the Year” categories in the 13th annual Stevie® Award for Women in Business.


November 24, 2016 by Reetu Gupta
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Cirkled in wishes you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. This is a time to pause, reflect, and give thanks to the people in our lives. We are thankful for where we are and where we are headed. We have had many new opportunities over last year and we are thankful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving from Cirkled in team!

Happy Thanksgiving from Cirkled in team!

From sharing our personal story with 3000 girls in DC to celebrating Cirkled in’s first revenue with 300 techies in Seattle, from meeting world-renowned authors to meeting students’ favorite Robotics teacher, from getting coverages in Seattle Times to KIRO 7 TV Show to local ParentMap magazine, from being a finalist for TechCrunch Pitch contest in Seattle to “Best Product of 2016” nomination by Eastside Business award – we had a blast during last year and there are many people and organizations, we are thankful to for making our year fun and successful. (more…)

November 3, 2016 by Devika Baliga
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Imagine sitting in a silent room except for the ticking of a clock running out of time. The kid sitting next to you is sweating and shaking his leg. You look over question 15 for the sixth time and you’re still not sure if answer choice C is correct. “Times Up!” Welcome to the PSAT.

While test scores don’t matter as much these days, a PSAT results can help you baseline yourself and find where you excel and where you need help. But first of all, you may be wondering what the PSAT is. It’s basically an easier and shorter version of the SAT which is used by students as either practice for the real PSAT or as an opportunity to qualify for National Merit. National Merit means that if you get an outstanding score on the PSAT, you can potentially win scholarship money or even a full ride to a college. But hey no pressure – if you do well, great! If you don’t, no one notices.