September 18, 2015 by Reetu Gupta
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Last night we presented Cirkled in at New Tech Seattle event in front of 350 people. This was our first public presentation. And today I’m more jazzed than ever before. Our presentation was a hit and according to few people “we stole the show.”

Experience was uplifting, invigorating and just simple motivating. I must admit I was quite nervous while preparing for it. I have seen other presentations in the forum and knew bar was high. Moreover I was told, presentation got to be funny. Which is not my forte (at least that’s what I thought). I can be funny in normal conversation but basing whole presentation on humor while conveying your message can be tricky. Somehow I did it. I think best part was my admittance at the beginning that I’m not funny. I think people become forgiving when they hear an admission.

Secondly I think messaging on Cirkled in resonated with all audience. Either because they have kids or they remembered how painful it was applying for anything for themselves. When a message resonates with audience, it’s easier to get their attention.

We had a wonderful time and many people came to us afterwards offering help, connections and validation of our idea. It was so good to hear all that. We have a feeling, we are doing something right and are on the right path!

Thank you Seattle for a wonderful startup community and wonderful support structure for entrepreneurs!

Love you Seattle!