Maximize your enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.

Cirkled In’s 21st -century recruitment platform optimizes your recruitment and outreach process by bringing you high-quality leads sourced from rich, holistic student stories.

  • Discover and recruit best-fit students
  • Improve recruitment and retention metrics
  • Meet diversity and equity goals
An award winning platform
Discover Best-fit Students

Discover and connect with best-fit students who meet your criteria, whether that’s geographic location, GPA, specific extra-curricular activities, or unique passions and accomplishments that make them the perfect fit for your institution.

Get to know each candidate holistically, illustrated by rich, student-submitted information across 7 activity categories.
Engage students over a longer period of time and recruit them to your institution.
Improve Recruitment and Follow-on Metrics

By matching with best-fit students, immediately improve return on your recruitment spend and meet your enrollment goals. Over time, best-fit matching improves your retention, graduation, and employability metrics.

Improve return on recruitment spend

Meet your enrollment goals

Improve your retention metrics

Meet Diversity and Equity Goals

Discover and connect with the full spectrum of youth across diverse backgrounds and experiences, including at-risk youth to first-generation students and more, who are using Cirkled In to tell their whole story.

Create a well-rounded freshman class while meeting diversity and inclusion goals
Put unspent financial aid money to work by recruiting more students from under-represented segments

Meet your recruitment goals and improve your most important metrics faster, easier, and more sustainably with Cirkled In.

Schools love to partner with Cirkled In

I am using Cirkled In for working with students for resume and cover letter building... It gave my students more confidence, helped change their behavior and it gave my students a larger sense of accomplishment.

Nancy Pappas
Career Dev Director

Cirkled In gave our youth an easy to use, engaging, and effective platform to understand and display their skills and achievements. With a calling to serve the youth, we are grateful for our growing partnership with Cirkled In.

Daniel Lawrence
Leadership Dev Director

I found it super easy to use and almost fun... within a month, I got my internship... I highly recommend Cirkled In to anyone trying to figure out what they want to do.


I like how Cirkled In gives you a lot of ways to showcase yourself.  You can show all your past experiences and how you have grown as a person and that is really important.


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