best rappers of the 2000s

Still, the 2000s began with “The Marshall Mathers LP,” an even bigger album, followed by “The Eminem Show.” By that point, Eminem had conquered the music world and stayed relevant with chart-topping albums and singles over the last several years.

Well, allow me to explain.
He masterfully fluctuated from hardcore gangsta rap to radio fare your mom and sister would two-step to, singing along with every word. Bun B and Pimp C released some of their best material as UGK in the 2000s, specifically 2007’s “Underground Kingz.” But Bun B took things further with his solo career and the fantastic “Trill” series. ], Albums Released Between 2000-2009: N/A Classic Mixtape: N/A Group Albums: OutKast's Stankonia (2000), Speakerboxx/The Love Below (2003), Idlewild (2006) Biggest Billboard Hits Between 2000-2009: "Ms. Jackson," "Hey Ya," "The Whole World" "So Fresh, So Clean," "Roses", I know what you're thinking. Consider what else happened between 2002 and 2004: Cam'ron introduced the Diplomats on a series of legendary mixtapes; put Harlem back on the hip-hop map; took some not-so-subliminal shots at labelmate Jay Z, instigating the rift that would eventually break up Roc-A-Fella Records; dissed Nas in the most flagrant way possible; coined the phrase "U Mad?" If we’re talking pure skills, Andre 3000 is top-10 all time.

Young Jeezy might not make this list, though, if it weren't for his third album, 2008's The Recession, which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the rapper was more than just the sound he came in the door with. He rode a wave of BMF cash and undeniable antihero magnetism to a dominant position in hip-hop, ignoring traditional rules and marking the moment when Atlanta's street rap scene re-emerged as a universe unto itself, but on a larger stage than ever before. Even Talib Kweli went on record earlier this year to talk about the awkwardness, back then, of wanting Kanye's beats but not his raps. And then in April, Jay dropped the album's final single.

Ross’ albums were heavyweight in every way, as he personified the current era of gangsta rap. Drug addiction, isolation, and resistance to hip-hop’s evolving sound forced Eminem out of the zeitgeist, and, like an undefeated boxer who gets knocked down for the time, without the confidence of imperviousness, his mojo ebbed.

Records like "Underground" and "Stay Wide Awake" are impressive feats of flow, and strong arguments that even an embattled Em can put words together better than anyone else rapping. London. The song wasn't only the official Oasis diss response, but also, one giant allusion to the forthcoming Blueprint 3—stoking hype that the "Swagga Like Us" single had already fired up.

And the jazz, Prince-y experimentalism was proof that Andre had more kinds of genius in him than we'd ever know.

In the span of a few years, he left Roc-A-Fella, got shot at in D.C., beefed unnecessarily with 50, appeared on 60 Minutes to muse on snitching, and then promptly disappeared for a long hiatus. He had both one of the greatest runs and biggest downfalls of the 2000s. But that's unfair. Enter Pharrell, enter Kanye, enter Just Blaze, enter Timberland, Rick Rubin, Eminem, DJ Quik, 9th Wonder and the rest of what might be the greatest all-star producer lineup of any Jay album. In November, Blueprint 2: The Gift and The Curse gifts us and curses us in equal proportion: It's got hits on it, sure.

While some of the rawness of his debut was sanded down, the unforgiving purposefulness and urgency of his debut remained in place, and the shock-of-the-new brought by his earliest work (seminal mixtapes like Trap or Die) had been replaced by greater consistency and tighter focus.

Jay didn't even have an album out, and blew all of hip-hop away.

And what makes this dominance so significant is that he achieved it on his own terms; on hip-hop’s terms. The album ain't half bad, and to hardcore JAY-Z fans, stands as a veritable classic: While there might not be any radio hits, "Roc Boys," "No Hook," "Ignorant Shit" and "Blue Magic" all represent a massive and important return to form.


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