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I took a development class at the time, developmental biology was in my opinion, a bit stuck. Bret: Yeah. The video exists. We know that it's localized to the things that protect the integrity of science. Eric: Okay, so my point is I don't have time for your fairy tale about a healthy and kind and sweet—. And so, this is a mind-numbing misunderstanding.”. 2) Changes and variation in lab-bred rodent telomere length over time. Eric: These people had flipped the script, and said, if you don't sign up for our racism, you're a racist. It really, it changed things. Well, the missing pleiotropy had to do with a telomere, which wasn't exactly a gene. Bret: Well, there's a little more to it in the sense that they were entirely unprepared for a white guy willing to say, “No, I'm simply not a racist”. It's been a pleasure sparring with him throughout my life. Right out of the gate Rogan acknowledged that Weinstein's prediction he made a few years ago conserning the current unrest going on, which many critisised him over, was right on the mark. And it was always a mistake. So at the point that my relationship with Carol is changing its tenor and she is becoming hostile and I'm not clear on what's going on, I contact her and I discover through talking to her that she and Mike are about to publish their paper on the long telomeres of laboratory mice. Bret: Your eye cells don't. He was one of the great geniuses of evolutionary biology in the late 20th century. Well, Indeed is here to help. Well, the thing about hearts, for reasons we can get into maybe another time, hearts have a very low capacity for self-repair, right? They understood the reviews were cruddy. So for example, their small bats who have been recovered after 30 years in the wild. Anyway, we put together over the course of a year, I took a break from, effectively, my real dissertation work, and wrote a paper. It's a non-serious point. Alright. Eric: Right? She sends them to me, and I contact her and I say, “Carol, I'm disturbed. The discussion isn’t a rehash of those events – it’s actually about the cultural impact it had beyond the campus. His congressional career began when he was elected to the first of four terms to the United States House of Representatives, representing South Carolina's 3rd congressional district from 1995 to 2003. You'll be glad you did. These knockout mice, there's a major investment in them. Once you understand the crazy genetics underlying the thing, they are favored to engage in behavior where they forgot reproducing and fostered. Many people on the left have mocked that idea for years but here we are three years later and we’re seeing a nationwide version of a campus “uprising.” So the natural question Rogan asks is this: What is coming next? corridors of power. It descended into literal anarchy with armed students, roving the campus, the same mob was looking for me, searching car to car, for example. He was an outspoken critic of fellow Republican Donald Trump's 2016 candidacy and repeatedly declared he did not support Trump; in particular, he took issue with Trump's comments on Graham's close friend, Senator John McCain. The reason it struck me like a bolt of lightning was that I was aware of another very elegant piece of research done by a guy named George Williams. That has been changing in recent decades, but it has a long history, and it comes from a very mundane place. Eric: Okay. Carol Greider is now a Nobel Laureate. What this would cause us to do is release drugs onto the market for human use that are highly toxic across the body. Your doctors probably still doesn't know that Arithromycin does heart damage—. Why does nobody else understand this point?” To you and me, that feels good. Dick Alexander was running a seminar for graduate students, and a student was there who was very out of place. So Carol does get awarded the Nobel prize, Carol Greider, Elizabeth Blackburn and Szostak. Eric: Yeah, because you're going to do this thing where you downplay your gift, and I'm sick of it. You must log in or register to reply here. Eric: Okay, so there are no predators in this environment. Dans un procès intenté contre l'école par Weinstein et son épouse Heather Heying, Weinstein a déclare que le président du collège n'avait pas demandé aux forces de l'ordre de réprimer les manifestants[18],[19]. Il est marié à Heather Heying, une biologiste évolutionniste qui a également travaillé chez Evergreen. It was a crazy list. I called her, I said, Carol, you don't know me. Great. I viewed you as sort of retreating into this very obscure college and using the undergraduates as if they were graduate students, teaching very advanced concepts, and running kind of a weird Harvard-style program with very adventurous material, with no recognition that this kind of unusual educational environment was even occurring. It wasn't just like one of these college craziness pieces. It was like a reality check. Bret: But I don't want to not acknowledge her, so I acknowledge her separately. Bret: No, I mean, in fact, it would have been career ending. Eric: And every time I try to say this is completely wrong, you miss— you don't catch the ball that's being thrown to you, which is, you're not understanding what you're up against. That there are ways in which the hive behaves as a superorganism, and there are ways in which it does not. Bret: It's even better than that. I'd love to have—and these are great scientists. He is also now gone, unfortunately. I recognize I've got all the pieces of the puzzle necessary to tell the story correctly. What I'd love to do is to tell the story with enough punch that people understand what happens. Eric: It's a very elegant thing. Like, this is really uninteresting. Bret: Sure. And I say, Carol, can I see the paper? What we are doing is imposing an economic rule on breeding so that we can maximize the rate at which we turn mouse chow into mice, which is obviously economically the right thing to do, if you're selling mice to all these labs, you want to produce as many mice as cheaply as possible. On that point, Weinstein argues that there was a kind of unspoken rule being promulgated by the far left which needed to be challenged. Eric: All right. And so I just want to be very clear, because there's a mind virus out there that says “peer review is the sine qua non of scientific excellence, yada, yada, yada, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit”. He's not a young man and I think it's actually quite important that he recognize where the errors in his own thinking are. And that was supposed to be a really different conversation. I took some or immunobiology. As he gained popularity, he released an EP titled 'So Far Gone'. Eric: I'll be honest, I'm 54 and I don't quite understand it myself. One of the absolute tops. Eric: I mean, here's the problem. So, I don't know that she has turned on me, but I call her up, and I say, “Carol, we are stunned to find that our paper was turned away without review from Nature—”, Bret: Without review. They're very excited about this story. So, we may be overrating—if we use these mice, we may be overrating the danger of causing cancer, and vastly underrating the danger of toxicity. What shocked me was that it turned out all the mus musculus that were being used in labs across the country, and in many cases, farther afield than that were coming from one place, which I had no idea. Bret: Right. So anyway, I don't deny that they were worthy of this prize. Bret: No, no. The signal that you are on the right track is that stuff starts canceling. There's all of these cases of drugs that were released and then later understood to do heart damage. And so, to the extent that that little battle was the result of them underestimating me and not knowing that something was going to come back that was cogent and responsive to the world as it actually is, and having them back off their position and say, “Yes, actually a book would be a fine thing.” That was positive movement from my perspective. Are you dancing with people you love or at least trading stories to bring you closer together. This is not ethical to suppress. 98? They have enough greens to function, but they have half the female complement of genes. Exactly. Eric: Okay. If you have ideas, submit a paper, submit a paper, submit a paper.” Who is this fucking suppose to fool? You've got a real world application. On this episode of The Portal, Bret and Eric Weinstein sit down alone with each other for the first time in public. I tried for a decade to get this story to come out. “There’s this notion that when a person with a credible claim to have come from a history of oppression speaks about the present that the obligation is simply to listen and to accept the truth of what they are saying about what they currently face without asking for evidence or without probing to see whether or not their analysis is robust,” he said.


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