uri definition medical

Life-threatening infectious disease usually occurs when immunity is weak or suppressed (such as during the first few months of life, in older or malnourished persons, in trauma or burn victims, in leukopenic patients, and in those with chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, renal failure, cancer, asplenia, alcoholism, or heart, lung, or liver disease). The following conditions predispose sexually active women to development of UTI: the use of a contraceptive diaphragm, the method of sexual intercourse, (greatly prolonged or cunnilingus), and failure to void immediately following intercourse.

Infection of the air passages of the nose, the throat, and/or bronchial tubes. Primary infection in the healthy is usually asymptomatic, but some people develop mononucleosis-type symptoms (fever, sore throat, swollen glands).
These defenses include chemicals, e.g., lysozymes in tears, fatty acids in skin, gastric acid, and pancreatic enzymes in the bowel; mucus that traps the organism; clusters of antibody-producing B lymphocytes, e.g., tonsils, Peyer's patches; and bacteria and fungi (normal flora) on the skin and mucosal surfaces that destroy more dangerous organisms. An imprecise term for any infection involving the nasal passages, pharynx, and bronchi. Sie haben die maximale Anzahl an Zeichen erreicht. Such viruses may require years to incubate before causing diseases. Also, one organism can impair external defenses and permit another to enter; e.g., viruses can enhance bacterial invasion by damaging respiratory tract mucosa. Pathogens can be transmitted to their hosts by many mechanisms, namely, inhalation, ingestion, injection or the bite of a vector, direct (skin-to-skin) contact, contact with blood or body fluids, fetomaternal contact, contact with contaminated articles (fomites), or self-inoculation.

Sulfa drugs, nitrofurantoin, cephalosporins, or quinolones may be used for the outpatient treatment of UTIs while the results of cultures are pending. An infection with a protozoon, e.g., malaria. Many infections, like the common cold, are self-limited and require no specific treatment. Examples of blood-borne infections include hepatitis B and C and AIDS. This is frequently seen with pyogenic organisms, which create abscesses far from the initial entry site. Since asymptomatic people may have and secrete the virus, standard precautions should be maintained by health care professionals at all times when such secretions are present or being handled. Fungi are most likely to produce disease in patients whose immune defenses are compromised. Copyright 2018 - 2020, TechTarget

An infection that is asymptomatic or is not detected. Patients sick enough to be hospitalized may also be treated with intravenous aminoglycosides, medicine to treat nausea and vomiting, and hydration.

Urinalysis (obtained either as a clean catch or catheterized specimen) and subsequent urinary culture are used to determine the presence of UTI, the suspect microorganism, and the optimal antibiotic therapy. Death may also result from sepsis, asphyxiation, or hemorrhage. Pregnant women and all health care workers should strictly adhere to standard infection control precautions.

Die am häufigsten verwendete Form eines URI ist die Webseitenadresse. Symptoms in immunosuppressed patients are related to the organ system infected by CMV and include blurred vision progressing to blindness; severe diarrhea; and cough, dyspnea, and hypoxemia. Medical URI abbreviation meaning defined here. In patients receiving immunosuppressive drug therapy, the normal flora can become the source of opportunistic infections.


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