chess middle game puzzles

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One says 'for the competition'; another says, 'to keep my thinking processes in shape'; and yet another says, 'for the beauty'.

2) has a fantastic Chess Mentor course (as well as Tactics Trainer) and lots of chess videos on different aspects of chess. I've used a simpler structure for the puzzles that I'll be placing under Middle Games. To make the process more entertaining, you may want to evaluate yourself and see what percent of your moves is as good as or better than the master’s. The great instructor Siegbert Tarrasch was even more forceful. These are categorized as combinations for checkmate, combinations for material gain, and combinations for achieving a draw. Play. You are a webmaster?

When you’re through with the game, you might analyze the game with a chess engine and figure out the correct answers. While some of the opening evaluations and analyses are outdated, it still offers a great overview of the main chess principles.

One really good one that may help you come up with things to look for and focus on after the opening is Reassess Your Chess by Silman. You may try to study them simultaneously, e.g. One has to be aware of how to evaluate the position and create a plan. Tags: chess middle games, chess tactics, solve chess tactics problems, I have outlined in the Chess Training Program Outline (for up to 2100 ELO) that tactics is an important part of the chess player’s preparation and it is recommended to practice it on regular … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Ask a few chessplayers why they play, and you're bound to get a variety of answers. These patterns take many forms and vary according to the ingenuity and skill of the players.

The must-read book on strategy is “My System” by Nimzovitch. Chess, in fact, has very little to do with little wooden pieces. Of course, there is also software products of this type, but choosing the games and rules yourself will give you more flexibility. Combinations are one of those things that are easy to spot, but hard to define. Home

These have contributed a lot to my chess level by providing critical positions from masters’ games in which one has to make the correct decision. Learn to Play Chess

Studying this part of chess is essential to understanding concepts such as weak squares, a strong center, open files, the art of exchanging pieces, etc. Tarrasch attempted to categorize combinations into themes like 'Pinning', 'Double Attacks', and 'Unguarded Men'. I've classified them further by level of difficulty. What could possibly be beautiful about moving little wooden pieces on a checkered board? If you want to improve your game the fastest, easiest and most fun way, start solving tactics puzzles right now. As we are talking about strategy, choose a book on, let’s say, Capablanca or Karpov.

Tactics don’t appear out of nowhere (unless someone blunders), they are based on strategic principles.

Just like I promised last week, this time we will talk about the middlegame. Learn.


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