heat vs renegades

Dooley charging now, driving over mid-off, just clearing the field, and they only get one. 50 - Renegades vs Stars #BBL04 - 0-7 to 10-57 The Melbourne Renegades overcame an opening onslaught from Chris Lynn and Sam Heazlett to conjure a remarkable comeback 44-run victory over a stunned the Brisbane Heat, whose playoffs push crashed to a halt at the Gabba. Till then. 16 from the over. Swampy, one of everyone's favourite Twitter statisticians, confirmed that the collapse of 10/36 was the worst ten-wicket collapse in Big Bash history. Harris fixes that now, dragging six over midwicket! The Renegades eyed a healthy total until Marsh threw his bat - literally after slipping from his grasp - but only succeeded in spooning a return catch to Ben Laughlin. Laura Harris b Strano 0 (2 balls), WICKET! Dooley advances again, pulls, big top edge but it lands safely around mid-on. It included this shocking run out of Joe Burns that looks worse every time you watch it. Atapattu charges and doesn’t pick the googly, but gets bat on it to save herself from a stumping. Brisbane are 15 runs from the final.

Sutherland's cavalier approach eventually backfired after holing out in the 14th over to negate the Renegades' momentum.

Cutting got a huge inside edge on it. A full toss. Defending champions Brisbane Heat are without their top players that have been shifted to other franchises but … The left-handed Sri Lankan on strike now, walks at Prestwidge but drives to cover, then wafts at a wider one and misses. Then when she lands her last ball on the pitch, Harris sweeps it for four! Then when Duffin gets on strike she hits the same shot but much better, flat rather than high, and nails the gap for four! Heazlett and Lynn plunder before Heat collapse. The Harris sisters are only together in the middle for a moment, as Laura gets down and tries to sweep and misses. Down the wicket again and drives to long-on for one. Leeson isn’t expecting much, but Harris lofts her down the ground to a catch at long-on. She gives Dooley a boundary first ball though, on the pads and easily driven through midwicket. Mooney c Leeson b Strano 15 (18 balls), WICKET! The overruled wicket. Hitting the stumps helps.

Wareham gets under it! 2nd over: Brisbane Heat 18-0 (Mooney 2, Green 9) Another close one for Green, who tries to pull the Kiwi quick Lea Tahuhu and gets a big top edge that lands safely. Such a remarkable career already for one so young. Thanks for your company tonight from the Gabba. Ever reliable Shaun Marsh, in contrast, was in a belligerent mood. Duffin gets down to sweep but doesn’t get much of it, only a single. The Heat spectacularly flamed out with Boyce fittingly finishing it off with wickets off successive deliveries to ensure the Renegades notched a win for the ages.

The Brisbane Heat have just shown how true that is, capitulating against the Melbourne Renegades. 11th over: Brisbane Heat 97-2 (Jonassen 24, Grace Harris 4) Carly Leeson on to bowl, an interesting action, head down and a tangle of limbs and hair. That’s a fine total for a final, where pressure does a lot extra. Across the line and flat-bats it through square leg! A cross-bat whack, not much subtlety about it but it gets the job done. Aaron Finch hit a century last time out and us 3.00 to be the Renegades’ top team batsman with Bet365, while Beau Webster is 4.50 and Mohammad Nabi could be an interesting outsider at 9.00. Some near boundaries that aren’t collared properly. The seven-wicket success sets them up nicely for this clash with Melbourne Renegades, a side left frustrated by the weather yesterday. 4th over: Brisbane Heat 37-0 (Mooney 9, Green 20) Tahuhu, zeroing in on the pads, tangling up Green.

Six wickets down with two overs left looks closer than it was. JA Burns run out (Harris/†Harper) 14 (21b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66, shorter on off, he's back and punching this to long off, JJ Peirson c & b Patel 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00, SD Heazlett c †Harper b Patel 56 (37b 7x4 1x6) SR: 151.35, fired down leg, he sweeps off the top edge and it pops up safely to short fine leg, darted into middle, he's back and forcing to point, Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, 19 January 2020 - day/night match (20-over match). Should be a belter. Shows that touch against Strano, just gliding her with the left-hander’s angle for two behind point.

Utter madness, I feel for the openers whose wonders are going to waste". The fast opening stand though has still left them in best position. 13th over: Brisbane Heat 128-2 (Jonassen 36, Grace Harris 23) Leeson.


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