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Clinton performed very well in big cities and populous states like California and New York, where she beat Trump by 30 percentage points and 22.5 percentage points respectively. ↑Ginsberg, B. According to the 12th Amendment, the House can only vote on the top three vote-getters, which eliminated Clay from the running, but that didn’t stop Clay from allegedly wielding his influence as Speaker of the House. For example, note how much darker the map is in 2012 vs. 1996, even though the 2012 race was closer in the electoral vote. Federalist   Similar to 1824, the election of 1876 wasn’t decided by the voters, but by Congress. A strong economy lifted Reagan to a decisive re-election victory in every state except Mondale’s native Minnesota. Hayes only won 165, but 20 more electoral votes were still in dispute. In fact, only four states were decided by 5% or less in 2012. It is a way to see the relative competitiveness of states as well as the change in states over time. Electoral college results: 525-13 Electoral college vote percentage: 97.58. Wyoming, for example, has one House representative for all of its roughly 570,000 residents. Most historians believe there was a deal brokered between the two parties. Take a look at all five times a president won the White House while losing the popular vote. California, a much more populous state, has 53 representatives in the House, but each of those congressmen and women represent more than 700,000 Californians. A separate page lists the electoral votes cast in each election.. Rutherford B. Hayes served as the 19th President of the United States. The candidates were Republican George W. Bush, son of the former president, and Democrat Al Gore, who served as vice president under President Bill Clinton. To win a modern presidential election, a candidate needs to capture 270 of the 538 total electoral votes. Independent   © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. States are allotted electoral votes based on the number of representatives they have in the House plus their two senators. VIDEO: America 101: What is a Contested Election? Democratic   This is because presidential elections are indirect elections; the votes cast on Election Day are not cast directly for a candidate, but for members of the Electoral College. With Florida in hand, Bush won the Electoral College 271 to 266, while Gore ended up getting 500,000 more votes in the popular vote. Choose a presidential election from the menu to view candidates and an electoral map, ... Map 2020 Election Calendar Latest Presidential Election Polls 2020 Polling Averages by State Pundit Forecasts 2020 Simulation Historical Elections 2020 Democratic Primary 2020 Republican Primary 2016 Presidential Election Results. Of the 58 presidential elections in the history of the United States, 53 of the winners took both the Electoral College and the popular vote. On election night, the results were too close to call in three states: Oregon, New Mexico and Florida. Since statehood in 1850, California has participated in every U.S. presidential election. Federal Election Commission Resources.


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