how are you feeling now

“[I’ve seen] survivor’s guilt for those who have means and work roles that allow them to work remotely while family members, friends, or even folks they see on the news cannot,” Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite, Ph.D., tells SELF. “You can only have adrenaline coursing through your veins for so long until the body has to reset and simmer down.” Same goes for emotions, especially the longer this goes on.

“From day one after lockdown orders, many clients felt that they were wasting time and failing miserably at the transition to working from home.

“Some have noted fear and anxiety about taking breaks for lunch or restroom breaks for fear that their supervisor will reach out to them and they will not be there to respond within minutes.”. © 2020 Condé Nast. “I think of it in terms of adrenaline,” says Howes. May we remember to embrace our own feelings and struggles and show compassion for the feelings and struggles of others.”. “One issue that I’m seeing is people feeling guilt about not being productive enough while at home in isolation,” Kaity Rodriguez, L.C.S.W., tells SELF.

“Because our brains, and especially our fight-or-flight response, are set to remind us of danger in order to keep us safe, the pandemic is bringing everyone’s past traumas to the forefront.”. Bianca Walker, L.P.C., tells SELF she’s hearing a lot from her clients about the importance of touch. Does it make me a bad person to think Y? “Among my clients who are people of color, particularly black and brown people, there is a sense of individual and collective grief given that recent reports indicate that such communities are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 due to structural inequality and discrimination,” says Horsham-Brathwaite. It might be out of avoidance or because the new coronavirus feels “out of sight, out of mind,” but it could also be a direct sign that you’re more equipped to deal with all this than you thought.

Now that you walked away, danced around How you feeling now? “People are wrestling with the various stages of grief and don’t know why they feel this way,” says Howes. Similarly, your past experiences might have trained you to act calm in crisis. “We likely will not experience the long-term effects of COVID-19 for quite some time as we do not have a blueprint to follow for how this will all unfold,” says Flowers. That should come as no surprise to anyone going through a ton of anxiety right now; there is just so much we can’t predict.

If you had to hit pause on some aspect of your life—whether that was a job hunt, a new relationship, or a long-term goal—you might be wondering what the hell you’re supposed to do now. And though knowing my feelings are kind of universal doesn’t solve my problems, there is some comfort in knowing that other people are also going through it. “I have been hearing people worrying about running out of food or supplies. Most people are grappling with some kind of loss, Howes says, whether that’s the loss of a job, your freedom, your feeling of safety, or your vision of how your life should be going.

Even if the pandemic didn’t disrupt anything major, future planning can still feel off the table. In every virtual therapy session I’ve had since the new coronavirus crisis upended my life, I’ve opened with some iteration of, “I don’t even know what to talk about today. But that’s actually our brains functioning as designed, Ryan M. Sheade, L.C.S.W., tells SELF. since I'm asking the current physical conditions of the other person, which could easily change in a few hours.

SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Meanwhile, so many of the ways we typically recharge are off the table right now: seeing friends, hitting up happy hour, going to the gym, or whatever self-care activity of yours that the pandemic has derailed. A lot of people are getting some emotional whiplash, says Howes: “People are wondering, ‘Should I feel good or should I feel bad? How you choose to spend this time is up to you and cannot be compared to how others are spending this time. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights.

But according to multiple therapists I talked to, a sense of calm is a pretty common reaction. If you feel this way, nope, you’re not the only one going out of your skin from lack of physical contact. On top of my sheer amount of feelings, I also often find myself dissecting them: Is it normal that I’m feeling X? That said, Golden is also seeing this have a positive side effect: “They are beginning to see new meaning in relationship bonds, social connection, family, and health,” she says. Same goes for important career events, proms, vacations, anniversaries, or anything that the new coronavirus has demolished in its path. “Everyone has trauma, whether a big-T trauma of a single traumatic incident or the little-t traumas of consistent reminders in childhood that we weren’t good enough, or worthy of love, or that we were insignificant or unimportant,” says Sheade. There is also pressure to learn languages, take courses, master finances, and do all the things. Do I feel hopeful or hopeless?’”.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that there are a lot of things to be angry about right now, whether you’re frustrated at people who aren’t taking this seriously enough or have a lot of feelings about how the pandemic is being handled on a structural level. Even in the most chaotic of times, it’s impossible to be on emotional high alert 24/7. “It creates this dreadful feeling of having nothing to look forward to because we are uncertain of what is coming.”. Productivity porn is very loud right now.”, That noise can be difficult to drown out, so don’t feel bad if this is something you’re struggling with. The uncertainty of the pandemic—and the long-term impact it will have on both a personal level and a larger scale—is one of the most common themes the therapists I talked to have come across in their work. “Unfortunately, much of that focus must be shifted to surviving right now. “Some of my clients are actually feeling an unexpected sense of ‘calm’ amid the chaos, which can sometimes be the result of adverse childhood experiences where clients have become accustomed to unstable environments,” Siobhan D. Flowers, Ph.D., tells SELF. The point is, no matter what you feel each day, it is a valid response to this truly wild experience we’re all living through. “Clients are mourning their important events such as birthdays, upcoming retirement, canceled wedding plans, and their children’s graduation,” says Erinna. That’s to be expected too. “It is important to understand that we are all dealing with this as a unit, but this unit is impacted in different ways,” says Roberts. There’s no denying that the pandemic completely disrupted life as we know it, forcing a lot of people to miss out on experiences they’d been looking forward to for a long time.

All rights reserved. It’s totally natural to be sad, angry, annoyed, and disappointed, no matter what else is going on.

But even for those of us in a relatively safe position, burnout is a natural consequence of the pandemic. There’s obviously no right answer—it’s natural to feel a bunch of things at once or in cycles, especially when so much is going on. “Anxiety rises due to the fear of the unknown, and right now, many things are not known,” Myisha Jackson, L.P.C., tells SELF. People are afraid that they will lose their homes or cars due to being out of work.” The list goes on.

“How do you feel now” is more likely to refer to a predominant feeling over the span of a recent time interval up to the present, while “how are you feeling now” more likely refers to an immediate feeling. A large-scale crisis like this naturally brings to the forefront some larger questions that might have you thinking about your past choices, experiences, and values. I’m feeling 6 million different things.” Each new session, I bring with me the baggage of a week that felt like a year. Is Anyone Else Just Barely Functioning Right Now?

“We live in a nation in which many of us are accustomed to engaging in activities centered around thriving,” says Rodriguez. If you’re currently sheltering in place and not, say, working a demanding job as an essential worker, you might not have considered the possibility of burnout right now.


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