how to do a geordie accent

A Geordie comes from Newcastle Upon Tyne and Tyneside in England. “Howay!” can be taken to mean “Come on!” in both positive and negative associations.

The best way to imitate it is to listen to real Geordies speaking, such as Kevin Whateley (Inspector Lewis), Jimmy Nail (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet), Cheryl Cole (X-Factor) and then practice repeating the words in the same way. The origins of Geordie differ slightly from the rest of the British accents because whilst other accents were heavily influenced by the Saxons, the Geordie accent was largely shaped by the Angles, who hailed from the coastal German region of Schleswig-Holstein and the Danish Peninsula. : "Deen't do thaa you'll maeke os craesh!". He has struggled to learn foreign languages his entire adult life. Is it a variation of ‘away’ as in ‘away with you’. (An extensive list of Geordie words and phrases can be found on Wikipedia).
The Geordie dialect can be heard much more often in the British media than it used to, probably due to its friendly appeal. With its own distinct pronunciation and colourful vocabulary, it’s reet canny. But, if you want to master it, you could do worse than look to actor Liam Cunningham, better known as Ser Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones.

This article has been viewed 186,530 times. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. People from this region, (basically the banks of the River Tyne,) are called Geordies and the accent and dialect is also Geordie. Geordie saying: geet walla. It has a multiple applications, as in "right, let's do this", "are you serious?"

Many consonant clusters become altered in both stressed and unstressed syllables.

Language goes hand in hand with culture.

I have written other Geordie Accent [] articles you might find interesting.

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1. Who? If you're listening to a Geordie accent from television or the cinema, make sure it's a real Geordie, and not a poor imitation (not unlike the vast amount of awful imitation Cockney accents).

Scottish English makes a strong case for being one of the coolest accents in the UK, but mastering the accent is no walk in the park!

Today is a bad day for accents. Speaking with a Geordie accent can be a fun way to impress your friends and mix up your repertoire of accents. Practice often, specifically the words you tend to trip over.

The Geordie dialect has become more popular in British media, as it tends to sound friendlier and more melodic than other British English dialects. Many impressionists find this Newcastle accent difficult to do. No plural marker for certain count nouns, e.g. Fancy learning more about the distinctive Geordie accent?

As much a defining feature of the north-east of England as Hadrian’s Wall and the River Wear, the Geordie accent is probably one of the most popular across Britain. The distinctive Geordie accent is well-represented in film and TV.

“Yes, of course” in Geordie dialect. Geordies are best known for braving bitter winter nights with bare arms and legs, and for producing an embarrassment of riches when it comes to footballing heroes. There are many more, so keep listening and practicing to acquaint yourself more fully. When to use it: This is one of the most famous, and most misunderstood, bits of Geordie. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 186,530 times. It depends who you’re asking and where you are in the British Isles. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

One of the UK’s most-loved accents, Welsh English is as much melodic as it is challenging! We can't do it justice, just listen at this best effort to recreate Tyneside by actor Greg Bryan on the US show, Castle : Note that there are differing opinions on what exactly are the classifications for a Geordie; for example, some believe only miners are Geordies. The following excellent video, celebrates Scott Jobsons book “Larn Yersel’ Geordie” and gives great insight into this and can act as a crash course in finding out how to speak Geordie.

Gan, or “go” in standard English, also originates from this, and is comparable to the Northern German pronunciation of the verb gehen (to go).

It’s fair to say that, as with Yorkshire, the dialect from the far Northeast of England is unique; some might say totally incomprehensible.

All rights reserved. Some Geordies also say, "deen't" for "don't", e.g. There are different definitions of what constitutes a Geordie.

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as in Howay man (what are you thinking?). Learn how your comment data is processed. Please help if you can. That were champion!” Negative: “Howay man! How to do a Geordie accent? 是在优酷播出的生活高清视频,于2011-08-03 01:02:27上线。视频内容简介:关于如何进行Geordie口音(How to do a Geordie accent)。此篇视频转自Videojug,是来自伦敦的演员和语音教练Gareth Jameson的How To系列中的一集。之前【偶为英音狂】网站已经转载过几篇。 Before you can properly begin to speak the dialect, you must first familiarize yourself with it. Learn more about Northumbria and the coal-mining communities and your discoveries might shed some light on why some of the slang terms exist.

The Geordie dialect is heard in north-east England in the communities around the River Tyne (Tyneside), such as Newcastle and Gateshead. If you are a broad minded adult, try searching on line for "Sid the Sexist". So, for example, These are just a few of the numerous sound differences between Geordie and other dialects. % of people told us that this article helped them.

That's why our inside scoop on the Newcastle accent is here to help! The Geordie dialect likely comes from the language spoken by the Anglo-Saxons who were the invading Germanic tribes from Northern Europe.

Whilst the material can be explicit, the language used in this adult comic strip is phonetically written Geordie, spelling out the words and phrases used by the native people of New Castle. When to use it: When one of your marras (friends) suggests going to the pub for a bottle of broon (brown ale).

To understand the Geordie people you need to understand their dialect and while many Geordie’s speak in a way most people can understand, the accent is peppered with many colloquialisms or “slang” words.. Locals insist there are significant differences between Geordie and several other local dialects, such as Pitmatic and Mackem. Here’s how you can sound like a bonafide Scot! “George” was, by far, the most popular boy’s name in the area, which led to the men in the mining industry becoming known more generally as “Geordies”. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors.

Feeling inspired by all this talk of the Geordie accent? Or maybe you’re even feeling brave enough to attempt some Geordie phrases for yourself?

Aside from pronunciation differences, there are many words that are only used in Geordie English.

To understand the Geordie people you need to understand their dialect and while many Geordie’s speak in a way most people can understand, the accent is peppered with many colloquialisms or “slang” words.

For example, when describing someone a Geordie may say "she's a canny lass but" This means that she is a nice girl.


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GEORDIE DIALECT WORDS R to T. Learn the Geordie dialect and speak the Geordie accent with words from North East England.

When to use it: When you bump into a friend on the street, or when you meet a chum in the pub.

Read on to find out just what makes this distinctive accent from Newcastle tick.


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