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MacKenzie confirmed their inaccuracy shortly after publication by sending a reporter to the singer's house, who quickly discovered that all of his guard dogs were quite capable of barking.

The Sun, a pretty scummy newspaper, printed some horrible stuff blaming the Liverpool supporters in the stands for the incident (and accusing them of some other things which also turned out to be lies).

Conflict between the two groups meant that MacKenzie performed both jobs for a time. In June 2005, the takeover proceeded, with MacKenzie being replaced by UTV executive Scott Taunton. MacKenzie was widely criticised for his perceived cruelty to both the targets of his – sometimes false – newspaper allegations; his choice of targets frequently being not only left-wing politicians and celebrities but even ordinary members of the public, and also his alleged cruelty to his own staff and colleagues, to which MacKenzie has since responded: Look, I am not here to be helpful. [67], The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) received 17 complaints about Manji wearing the hijab, an objection which was rejected. MacKenzie was also concerned about their employment of Jeremy Clarkson whose privacy injunction against his ex-wife was then in force.

[11], MacKenzie was responsible for the "Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster" front-page headline. The Sun issued a statement saying that they had "already apologised for what happened and we stand by that apology." "[44], During an after-dinner speech to Newcastle-based law firm Mincoffs Solicitors on 30 November 2006, MacKenzie is reported to have said of his coverage of the Hillsborough disaster:[45].
"[21], Some other controversies that occurred under MacKenzie include a headline describing Australian Aborigines as "The Abo's: Brutal and Treacherous" (which was condemned as "inaccurate" and "unacceptably racist" by the Press Council)[8] and MacKenzie's sending of photographers to break into a psychiatric hospital to ask actor Jeremy Brett, who was a patient in the hospital at the time and who was suffering from manic depression and dying of cardiomyopathy, whether he was "dying of AIDS". This flag has also been flown outside & inside Anfield & will be returning to Wembley for the F.A Cup Semi Final. Tag: Hillsborough; #JFT96; The Sun; Hillsborough. Labour MP Andy Burnham, who has supported the families' campaign, said: "This has been the greatest miscarriage of justice of our times. after it was established that there had been a large number of Argentine casualties.

The jury of six women and three men delivered their conclusions at 11am this morning after hearing evidence for more than two years from around 1,000 witnesses. “Now that the inquests have concluded my sole focus is on completing the criminal investigation which I expect will be finished by the turn of the year.”, Sue Hemming, Head of the Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division at the CPS said: “Following the inquests determinations the CPS team will continue to work closely with Operation Resolve and the IPCC as in due course, the CPS will formally consider whether any criminal charges should be brought against any individual or corporate body based upon all the available evidence, in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors.”, Corrie's Jack P Shepherd has turned his back on his two kids, claims ex, Oil tanker zig-zags off Isle of Wight in security incident involving stowaways, Brit 'stabbed wife to death after having sex at their £450k Spanish villa', Shameless star Jody Latham now a 'multi-millionaire with an £18m beauty empire', Molly-Mae Hague unveils her new lips after having filler dissolved, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. They were given a majority direction yesterday and quickly indicated they had reached a majority decision on the outstanding question. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes.

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MacKenzie is quoted as saying in the early 1980s (on the subject of how he perceived The Sun's target audience): You just don't understand the readers, do you, eh? They sold the firm in 2014. Asked to clarify those comments, he said it was "a joke" and that he has "never actually been to Hull". I too was totally misled. [26] In 1999 TalkCo was renamed The Wireless Group and in January 2000 Talk Radio was rebranded as TalkSport. I think Kelvin MacKenzie is a raving lunatic, I think he's a complete idiot and a racist idiot at that.[65]. [39] In 2003, he presented a documentary, Kelvin Saves the Tories, in which he proposed a low-tax, anti-BBC and cautiously pro-capital punishment manifesto for the party. The jury also found that both the police and the ambulance service caused or contributed to the loss of lives in the disaster by an error or omission after the crush in the west terrace had begun to develop.

Mr Duckenfield gave the order at 2.52pm to open exit Gate C in Leppings Lane, allowing around 2,000 fans to flood into the already packed central pens behind the goal.

This was unsuccessful and MacKenzie left in March 2007. Emotional tributes to each of the 96 were then delivered by family members in the form of personal portraits.

This flag came about as a result of The Sunday Sun launching recently, we made it in protest and joined many other fans marching at Wembley for the Carling Cup Final. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today.
They were the first of 14 general questions they were asked, with others covering stadium safety, the emergency response to the disaster and whether the fans were unlawfully killed. After the key conclusions were delivered, someone in court shouted: "God bless the jury" and the jurors were given a round of applause as they left the courtroom. The only thing different we did was put it under the headline "The Truth".

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Last Wednesday the jury indicated to the court in Warrington that unanimous decisions had been reached on every question apart from question six - unlawful killing. [52], Following the Warrington Inquests verdicts, Mackenzie was door-stepped by Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News. The coverage and the allegations caused intense uproar throughout Merseyside, where The Sun was boycotted, with public burnings of the paper organised and many newsagents (including in Everton F.C.-supporting areas) refusing to stock it at all.

Trevor Hicks, chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, rejected Mr MacKenzie's apology as "too little, too late", calling him "lowlife, clever lowlife, but lowlife". The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Thousands of fans were crushed on Sheffield Wednesday's Leppings Lane terrace. His elder son and his daughter worked at Talkradio.

Later developments in the Hillsborough controversy.

Greenslade states that MacKenzie insisted on changing the headline to "Did 1,200 Argies Die?" Earlier that autumn MacKenzie had already provoked controversy in Liverpool by stating in a Press Gazette interview that he had never knowingly printed any lies in The Sun and that even stories which later turned out to be untrue were still "good stories". Why do white women matter more than other races/ethnicities of women to the media?

[37], In December 2014 The Sun announced that MacKenzie would make a second return to the newspaper as a columnist. The Wireless Group acquired The Radio Partnership in 1999, gaining control of its nine local commercial stations. They have fought hard for many years for these new inquests and today brings an end to this particular part of their journey. Although there was actually little reaction to the quotes on Merseyside at the time, they did draw comment from Phil Hammond, chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, who said: "I can't believe that even after all these years, there is no remorse or regret for the hurt he caused". Towards the end of the programme, MacKenzie was asked by presenter David Dimbleby about The Sun's claims about the Hillsborough disaster.

The claim was brought by an NHS doctor, Antonio Serrano, whom MacKenzie had criticised in the paper.


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