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@Somite: Your emotional discourse about being emotional in discourse being a bad thing demonstrates that being emotional in discourse is a bad thing? When I was a Christian it really annoyed me how hypocritical many people were when they would condemn a non-Christian for something, but then “forgive” and excuse a Christian for doing the same thing. He takes us on a clear, guided journey around the issues of "nothing"...that which we cannot see in the universe, but through the laws of physics and math is actually measurable, in a the. Gah this makes me sick. Dark matter is thought to be made up of an exotic, as of yet undefined type of. corydon76 has obviously never been a 12 year old molested girl. @delphi_ote: I see your last rant in referring to 11 year olds and can only presume that you’re referring to my last post, where I referred to kids 11 years younger (than 13) being adept at saying no. I think there is something deeply creepy about wanting sex with someone who is a fraction of your age. You are the perfect example cognitive dissonance. the weird part about the defense though has been many people aren't defending Krauss and his right to say whatever he wants. i think its allowed, cause as we see there are also opposite opinions in this community He's not interested in helping you, even if you're a straight A student you will not get an A here. If you’re still in the victim mentality, I strongly suggest that you get the counseling necessary to take back that power, such that your abuser no longer holds that power over you, and you can look him or her in the face (preferably through the safety glass of a prison window) and tell him that he has lost his power over you. This book surprised me with its readability. Human trafficking of all kinds gets overlooked and need to be focused on; if there is anything behind those allegations (as there seems to be) they need to be fully pursued. The author explains that phenomenal progress has been made in the past century that has brought us to the cusp of operationally addressing questions regarding origin, current condition and ultimate fate of our cosmos. I am myself rather disappointed by the lack of skepticality of this community. Somehow they instantly dive into an argument about illegal immigration. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1982), then joined the Harvard Society of Fellows (1982-85). As the father of a teenage girl, I’m sorry but if you are claiming that you couldn’t tell that a 13 year old girl was not 18 then you are full of shit. We got VERY lucky and dept of science said we can pass overall class even if we fail lab portion. [inappropriate nitpick 2]17/18ths is a fraction. How did it start: Quantum fluctuations, false vacuum or just a potentiality? So for example in Florida the age of consent is 18, and have sex with a person under that age is a crime, but it’s only if you have sex with a person aged 12 or under that you’re charged with “sexual battery” – which is the legal term (at least in Florida) for rape. Well, Krauss prefaced his statement with the words ‘as a scientist’ and the reiterated his scientific standing later in the statement. He can be both, and seems to be. I at least would not attend such a meeting. @mikekoz68 @Rebecca: Krauss doesn’t even deny the charges, its more like he doesn’t think they are a problem. The ultimate question is whether he knew they were under 18 at the time, and there is good evidence to say that he did not. This book failed short of my expectations. I have a copy of Krauss’s book here on my desk that I started reading yesterday. I totally don’t support rape, just rapists, if they’re my friends and they pay me. When I was 11, I had put on makeup for the first time, in part because I had some acne and wearing foundation to hide it made me feel better, and a stranger asked if I was the mother of my seven years’ younger sister. The fact that he was convicted should be enough to find Krauss’ defending him very disgusting. In no way was Epstein a victim. 1 final, 1 paper, and open book online quizzes really helped. Professor Krause's Top Tags. But then, there is always the less facty morality opinion to fall back on. But I don’t read Krauss as in any way defending sex with a 13 or 14 year old girl. I am just being pedantic about the law. TAM speakers waive most or all of their regular speaking fees in support of TAM and the JREF. Moreover, as I have tried to say repeatedly, even if you choose to disagree with me, and for some reason think you have better evidence that these events happened than I do, the fact is that Jeffrey went to prison, and I know for a fact came out of prison a more thoughtful responsible man who was intent on doing good. He is terrible and I can't believe he is even still a teacher. Anecdotal, yes. That would be saying he is an asshole therefore he is wrong. However I do think he makes some valid points in his defence regarding people’s motivations for making such claims, the media’s tendancies to skew publicity on such issues, and a billionaire’s motivation to take a plea bargain. Now with my serious comment out of the way, since they are now having roped-off VIP seating at TAM 9, perhaps they should have a special roped-off section at the DelMar for sex offender sympathizers–we can throw Roman Polanski defenders in for free, as well. “Moreover, I also believe that Jeffrey is an easy target for those who want to take advantage of him… I honestly don’t know who was the victim in this case. because you didn’t read it! Part of what is happening here, I think, is something I have noted to myself. My one neighbor still plays golf with the man that served time for beating his wife so badly she ended up in the hospital. Yet those media stories aren’t a factor in skeptics’ responses. It’s perfectly human, even if it is wrong in this case. He is incompetent and should reconsider how he teaches a course. Peer review isn’t perfect, Dr. Wakefield proved that, should we be suspicious of peer review also? End of story. I wish he could feel the fear and paralyzation of a little girl being molested or raped. Incidentally, the girl was one who was sent to that boarding school because she was dating a guy in his 20s, her parents did not approve, and this act was her way of demonstrating to her parents that she was going to have sex with older men, no matter what they tried to do with her. He served in the latter position for 12 years, until 2005. Although Krauss suggests that these rules or potentialities could also have spontaneously arisen. the baked-in problem is that this explanation of how 'something' can emerge from 'nothing' must accept that 'nothing' operates by laws of quantum gravity. I took him online and he gave a ton of work. So it seems the only positive from this is …first on the list for funding? If it’s simply normal for rich and powerful men to continue trading for a new pretty 20-something, how can it be much more exploitative for a man to want to pursue young teenagers? If you look at the actual law you’ll see no mention of “statutory rape.”,, . Overall DO NOT TAKE HIS CLASS. I may just be missing them, but it appears that Krauss is saying we can’t trust the mainstream media reports, Epstein’s own journal or servants, the police, private investigators, the Government, or the other numerous witnesses because a couple obscure blogs incorrectly reported that orgies were going on. This is a short, entertaining and informative book, written by a leading cosmologist. There is a syllabus that he probably has no idea about. It can be true that there is a perception that he had sex with nothing but underage girls, or that he knew they were underage and it can be true that these perceptions are incorrect. Was this conversation in a public forum or private? Did he speak up about the issue? He was one of my best professors. If I ever want to learn anything outside of my current capability, obviously it's not going to come easy. Kutcher says “Sex trafficking is an elastic trade.” Okay, I don’t know if that’s true, but for argument’s sake, I’ll accept it. It is evil. Not very skeptical of you to wonder I think.. //UPDATE 2: Krauss is continuing to respond in the comments below under the username lmk2011. Krauss’s initial comment referred to the “unfortunate period he [Epstein] suffered” and claimed that his empirical evidence led him to believe Epstein’s claims over “other people” (presumably other people includes the findings of fact in his trial).


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