manufacturers association
EJMA is the global association of leading expansion joint manufacturers and suppliers. Join the league of Manufacturers with credibility in Nigeria! between industry on the one hand, and the government and general public on the other... Do you need information on our members and their products? other organs of the Organized Private Sector (OPS). MANUFACTURING AND EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION 2020. The establishment of the Association was motivated by the desire to have a focal point of communication and consultation between industry on the one hand, and the government and general public on the other.. © Copyright MAN 2017. Click on the map below and learn about a member near you. 2020.10.22 統計:9月度業況観測アンケートを掲載しました 2020.10.15 写真展開催中です@東京塗料会館 2020.10.15 統計:8月度確報を掲載しました 2020.10.14 2021年L版塗料用標準色頒布時期等について 2020.10.13 塗料産業フォーラムのご案内掲載しました Lagos State, Nigeria. High Pressure Expansion Joint Applications, Extreme Temperature Fluctuation Solutions. EJMA was founded in 1955 to establish and maintain quality design and manufacturing standards. Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association.

The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) was established in May, 1971 as a company limited by guarantee. All Rights Reserved. 11 Brazil Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (ABRACICLO)例文帳に追加, Data:Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.例文帳に追加, Operated by: Takayama Tea-whisk Manufacturers' Cooperative Association, Nara Prefecture発音を聞く例文帳に追加, 運営:奈良県高山茶筌生産協同組合 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, Sources: Brazil Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (ABRACICLO)例文帳に追加, Sources: Argentina Automobile Manufacturers Association (ADEFA)例文帳に追加, Toshiyuki Okada Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association例文帳に追加, Tadayoshi Nakashima Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association例文帳に追加, The Yamanashi Prefecture Wine Manufacturers' Association has approved 55 brands for the "Yamanashi" designation.例文帳に追加, 山梨県ワイン酒造組合は55銘柄に「山梨」の表示を認めた。 - 浜島書店 Catch a Wave, The Association consists of nine major toilet manufacturers including TOTO, Panasonic, and LIXIL.例文帳に追加, 同会はTOTOやパナソニック,LIXILを含む9社の主要なトイレメーカーで構成されている。 - 浜島書店 Catch a Wave, In September 2005, Nasio, Co., Ltd. founded the "Hokkaido Confectionery Association" with twelve small and medium manufacturers doing business in the region.例文帳に追加, 同社は2005年9月に地元の取引中小メーカー12社と共に「道産菓子研究会」を発足した。 - 経済産業省, According to Brazil Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (ABRACICLO), 2,000,000 units are expected to be manufactured in 2011.例文帳に追加, ブラジル二輪車製造者協会(ABRACICLO)によれば2011 年には200 万台を見込んでいる。 - 経済産業省, 10 "Motorcycle Industry and Market in Brazil" by Mishima, K. JAMAGAGINE, Automobile Manufacturers Association Inc. March 2010, Japan.例文帳に追加, ブラジルの輸出財で圧倒的に多いのは鉄鉱石であり、46%を占めている(第2-2-2-9表)。 - 経済産業省, Takuya Sakuhiro Chairperson, Drug Evaluation Committee, Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association例文帳に追加, Motorcycle manufacturers that are members of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association and participating motorcycle importers started operating a voluntary motorcycle recycling system in October 2004.発音を聞く例文帳に追加, ( 社 ) 日本自動車工業会加盟の国内二輪車製造事業 者と参加二輪車輸入事業者は、自主取組みとして二輪 車のリサイクルシステムを平成 16 年 10 月より行ってお ります。 - 経済産業省, Several manufacturers may work together as a cooperative association to found a factory where the manufacturing process of koji and preparation process are performed.発音を聞く例文帳に追加, また、協業組合として複数の生産者が、製麹・仕込工程までを行う工場を作るケースもある。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス, Manufacturers' Associationのページの著作権英和・和英辞典情報提供元は参加元一覧にて確認できます。, ピン留めアイコンをクリックすると単語とその意味を画面の右側に残しておくことができます。, manufacturer's and contractor's insurance, manufacturers' and contractors' liability, manufacturers' and contractors' liability insurance, クロスランゲージ 37分野専門語辞書での「Manufacturers' Association」の意味, 「Manufacturers' Association」を解説文に含む英和和英の用語の一覧.
We have members located across the globe.


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