nyc election district map

On the Write-In Screen, use the Up and Down Arrow keys on the keypad to scroll through each letter or option being read. These maps show the latest Democratic enrollment and recent primary voting trends to gauge the strength and voting tendencies of New York City's current electorate for the Democratic presidential primary. If you can not find a person's name on the voter registration list, you should check if the voter is at the correct election district. Common browsers are included in this page; mention of a specific browser does not imply endorsement or recommendation. Any voter who is enrolled in the same party as the missing inspector may serve. Perhaps because the race was so lopsided, turnout was low, about 1 million votes cast at polling places. 878 82-20 Queens Boulevard 11373 Rego Center Community Room 61-00 97th Street 11374 LaGuardia Community College 31-10 Thomson Avenue 11101 This map shows de Blasio's support citywide, along with areas where he did not do well. It seems like the enumerators had to go back to a previously See the Methodology section in the More... tab above for details. This map reveals where Thompson got the largest share of votes with strong turnout (deepest blue) but also where voters favored him at similar levels, but did not turn out at equally high levels (light blue). Give the voter a copy of the challenge oath after you have entered the ED/AD on top of page. These maps show the results. From 1683 until 1873, the Bronx was part of Westchester County. Issue the ballot to the voter in the appropriate privacy sleeve. Donald Trump won the GOP primary with roughly half the number of votes (525,000) but a greater vote share (60%). Keep your feedback coming! The Democratic primary for mayor in 2001 was scheduled for September 11. We're located at New York City Hall (map). Ask the voter to read the oath. which you can find on the roll of microfilm itself. Be given information about who has voted, if the inspectors are keeping a list. The following people may observe the closing of the polls: Federal, State, City government representatives and the media with proper ID and with authorization signed by the Executive Director of the Board of Elections. In 1898, after the consolidation with the City of Brooklyn (Kings County), Enter the public counter number at the closing in the box in the upper left corner of the return of canvass. Please enter your Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY format), County and Address information and press the "Search" button. Federal observers from the Department of Justice may visit your site to monitor compliance with the Voting Rights Act. Rangel on the ballot this year, it was a reasonable expectation that Senator Espaillat would have had a much stronger showing. Espaillat ran again but lost in another close race: Rangel received 47%, Espaillat received almost 44%, and the remaining votes were split by two lesser known candidates. Common browsers are included in this page; mention of a specific browser does not imply endorsement or recommendation. Turnout was relatively low — almost 188,000 votes cast, or roughly 6% of registered Democrats. The BMD audio feature will describe the use of the keypad to vote a write-in choice. These relatively few Republicans are also relatively concentrated, as this map shows. These maps show the latest Republican enrollment in New York City and across New York State. De Blasio's support (more than 260,000 votes) was widespread and seemed to run counter to the "identity politics" narrative. Call the Board of Elections' Borough office if the police officer does not deliver the ED/AD Supply Cart, Ballot Marking Device and Scanner keys. 's in the 500's.

MapInfo Professional was used for geocoding. However, all voters may and can use any person they elect to assist them in the translation and interpretation of the ballot or the voting process. OTHER BROOKLYN MAPS The Board of Elections provides election results by Election District (ED), and all registered voters citywide. It is believed that the voter no longer resides at the stated address. In 1873, the western Bronx -- that area west of the Bronx River and south of The New York City Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This map shows the geographic concentrations of the city's population along race/ethnicity/ancestry lines to compare and contrast with voting outcomes.

Unofficial election night returns from the NYC Board of Elections show State Senator Adriano Espaillat with the greatest vote share (37% of almost 43,000 votes cast — a 1,200 vote margin), despite concerns raised by Assemblyman Kieth Wright about voter issues (with almost 98% of the scanners counted, Wright received 34%). Press the Right Arrow key to accept the write-in and return to the previous screen. counties.

Clinton's was a downstate & urban victory, primarily. Hillary Clinton won the Democratic presidential primary with more than a million votes and 58% of the vote share (compared to 57% in 2008). knowledge of boundaries and towns These voting patterns provide a quantifiable, visual record against which to gauge the 2013 campaigns. With a layer visible click on a layer region to display information about that district, including state representatives. The NYC Board of Elections records local voting results by Election District.

Regarding the overlap between EDs and blocks, there are several approaches that are typically used. She also did well in predominantly white areas in and around Park Slope. Close the Scanner & Ballot Marking Device, Complete the poll worker forms booklet. Please explore our Job Opportunities. If you are interested in working at the New York City Council, please submit your resume and area of interest here. A Poll Watcher is a representative of a candidate, political party or independent group who observes the election to confirm its fairness and get early unofficial results. If a voter requests assistance in casting a write-in vote, two Inspectors - one from each party - accompany the voter into the Ballot Marking Device (BMD) to show him/her the procedure. Includes 2016 Races for President, Senate, House, Governor and Key Ballot Measures. The Boys' Club of New York - Abbe Clubhouse 133-01 41st Road 11355 Board of Elections - Queens Voting Machine Facility Annex 66-26 Metropolitan Ave 11379 Queensborough Elks Lodge No.

Be careful: often house number will be contained in two successive rows. Interactive versions of the maps are in the works! (Click the "General (2014)" tab above to view local gubernatorial vote results in NYC, as well as maps of results in the 11th Congressional district.). The state was redistricted in 2013, following the 2010 U.S. Census; it … And blocks provide a common geographic unit for comparing elections consistently across time, even when ED boundaries change. Registration and Voting information is available year-round by calling 866-VOTE-NYC or (212) 868-3692 or on the Board website: If need be, have an Interpreter translate your instructions. 1683 City of New York..6 Wards: 1850 City of NEW YORK ENUMERATION DISTRICTS: 1852 New York City WARD MAPS State Census 1855 Election District Bounadries Manhattan: 1855 Streets Index - Wards: 1860 Street Index Manhattan: 1864 Wards: 1870 New York City FIRST ENUMERATION DISTRICTS: 1870 New York City 2nd ENUMERATION DISTRICTS This map shows where Thompson improved the Democratic vote over Ferrer in 2005 and Green in 2001 in largely Democratic areas (southeast Queens, Central Brooklyn, upper Manhattan, and much of the Bronx), and to a lesser extent where Thompson made inroads into Bloomberg's areas of support such as Riverdale and eastern Bronx, parts of Queens, and the Bay Ridge area in Brooklyn. The New York City Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Boys' Club of New York - Abbe Clubhouse 133-01 41st Road 11355 Board of Elections - Queens Voting Machine Facility Annex 66-26 Metropolitan Ave 11379 Queensborough Elks Lodge No. Hopefully this will help you and the researchers.


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