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Diesel swaps. The other thing that would be cool is if there was open world maps like where you could select to drive in say the USA and just drive all over the country which may be unrealistic but even if you made it to where all existing maps could be driven to would be nice. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe!

Please look into these things cause I play this game a lot, have spent real money on it and am getting to the point I want to delete it. He loved it because it was unique.

I want to be able to build sema trucks, and I feel it will build more veiwers for the game and the car show also. People would definitely hit the store so they could use that 500 gold to drive that thing. Dirt. Sign Up Now. First thing that I’ve wanted for a while is a 1958 Chevy Apache or just any 55-59 Chevy truck. I will love to see a reverse camera the internet of the vehicle . 1 on 1 Football., Outlawoffroad.comGeneral Contact Form. CONTROL You build your rig the way you want it. Quads. The membership is required to get the cooker cars, but you can unsubscribe immediately after paying once, and you can keep the member only cars and retain member perks. This evening i was playing its a really good game but what i don’t get is that it just logs me off when im randomly customizing my truck , putting decals on and it logs me off and it takes my money so i dont really get that pls fix love this game !!! )- 6x6- Huge Nomad- Snow bikes, - Fix for app crashing on open- 3 new vehicles! Free. I will not be playing this game for a while, this is a shout-out to the developer.

Great game and those have been ideas for awhile. And then add more body mods. Gold amount 40,000 90,000 160,000 350,000 630,000 720,000 999,999 That’s all the stuff that would be nice to include in future updates.

Search this site. It goes on and on.

CONTROL You build your rig the way you want it. And then maybe some of ther JDM cars like the skyline and Supra.

I just have some ideas that i hope you consider. I’m sorry to say, but I will not be spending any money on this game, yes their is room for improvement.

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You need to add horns. In my opinion that would make the game go even greater. Crawlers. It also does this if you try to exert a map. Recently I downloaded it again but despite being logged in with Facebook none of my previous progress saved and i lost all my vehicles and money/gold. I loveee sema trucks and they have different colored suspension and everything you know. Pro Series Drag Racing: More realistic, more customizable, more fun! Complete them to earn cash!- Brought back original Woodlands map :)- Tweaked mud to make it more realistic- Fixes: Blurry Graphics, No map button in woodlands, auto steering, - Monster Trucks! I am one of the few people who has been playing this for years and since it came out, and back then I would look up to people with crawlers but now certain maps I can generate my own gold but like I said when the big update was pushed out I couldn’t restart for gold, and overtime I saw that my play time on the was decreasing drastically but I thank the creator for the 6x6s and well it was awesome until I had to wait. 1 On 1 Basketball.

The XAPK (Base APK + Split APKs) File, How to Install .XAPK File? Also can you improve the E-Brake. Any truck can now have monster suspension.- Achievement system has been added! Some other things I’d like to see is tuners/power adders that you can change while driving the truck i wish when you damaged the vehicle the paint would scratch and the body would dent and I think it’d be awesome to add semi trucks to the game with trailers where you can pull multiple vehicles.

I'll give you guys 5 stars if this is remedied but otherwise my review stays at two.

It should stay placed where you put it no matter how much the vehicle turns of maneuvers. Some new raps and a tire that gos on like the cement or street wold change a lot and a hydraulic suspension would be over and beyond cool a newer sports car could change the came a little or maybe even a whole new category of “cars” instead of just trucks and a new map because it’s starting to feel like there’s not really anything else to explore more custom choices for all the new and old trucks and mayyyyy more paint designs like pictures and custom writing of of and can you make it were we can choose where we want it because a black body with a camo hood would be beyond cool a trailer that that holds 2 cars and a cuppal motorcycles would be cool maybe like a sport one and a Harley Davidson one would be cool. This is the best mobile games I've ever had, its soooooo addicting. The physics aren’t the best. I’m only rating it 2 stars is because there are some things that is wrong with this game first of all the blinkers is really annoying what’s really the point of them seconds of all why is there headlights that turn there isn’t a dark mode were it turns dark it’s always sunny the blinkers bother me badly I don’t like blinkers when your turning also there should be a time we’re it turns from sunny to dark and the headlights actually work when your driving in the dark it would be cool off-roading when it’s dark another thing is the mud if I were to go through it straight the mud were the tiers don’t go it go under the truck or whatever you have the mud goes right through my truck I have screenshots of the mud and also the mud you can see right under it which look stupid I like the game and everything else but blinkers and the mud need to be fix right I don’t like how the mud goes right in the middle of my truck good game tho so if you can fix those problems that would be great . Also if posible add a 1990 suburban.

A while back the same thing happened with another truck so my son stopped playing this game for awhile.

This game is good, but i hate it. of Service and Privacy Policy, Don’t have an account? Thank you for reading this! The engine sounds need to be more realistic. Largest Selection If you don't find the part, we'll get it for you!

Quads. SxS. Mud areas are way too deep instead of gradual depths. Overall it’s a great game and I do recommend it. I dont wont to pay to be a member, and almost every thing is for only members. Trucks. Nothing thanks a lot. AppGrooves helps you contact the developer directly. Customizations. I would like there to be more maps and make it easier to get money and gold. Yes could y’all do a feature where you can turn the fuel up like on a truck in real life where if you want it to smoke and fog the street that would be nice and way better graphics and maybe some Cummins Duramax’s and Powerstrokes heck if you can do a feature where you can have a goose neck trailer where you can drive the trucks and atvs on and off maybe even tractors and disk and gators and some Polaris hell everything you can possibly think of that’s as close as you can to get it to the most realistic real world game maybe throw some cars in with it heck i don’t know all I know is I play this game freakin every day I’ve probably spent like 100 bucks on gold and I love it I’d just love some realistic graphics like better mud when you drive into it it slings on the truck, trailer and the toy on the trailer if y’all can make it where you can drive to states where the terrain gets different and there are houses and maybe even traffic idk I’m probably thinking to much but I really like this game I just want something thats only just a dream but I know everybody is wanting some better graphics and some better parts like injectors bigger turbos and real world tires and we want every style truck that came out including Dullys thanks for your time and can’t wait if y’all will do this to the game!!!

I pay the $4.99 a month so that I can keep playing an awesome game but I do t even see a point in playing it now that all it does is crash. More tires would be nice like, tires to where the grips come up more, or a modification to where we could do that. For example, you can driving along, hit a slight incline (and I mean slight, you could roll yourself up in a wheelchair slight) and suddenly your vehicle stops. - Many fixes! First it won’t let me go into woodlands, every time I try it just kicks me off the game, second, when I equip a trailer then it will get stuck at the top view of a vehicle and then I can’t even drive it. I have it setup through my Facebook. MAP EDITOR.

This app has a lot to offer and hopefully they’ll keep updating it to make it better. The only thing is I have so many vehicles I don't know what to buy next, I wish there were more trucks to buy from, you could get creative and make it own car for the game. Customizations. Offroadoutlawsy.comOffroad Outlaws is quickly becoming one of the most popular racing games in the mobile marketplace, and it’s easy to see why even after spending just five minutes in the game. What I’m trying to say is my maps didn’t work and the only ones that worked were some multiplayer ones even on single player they still weren’t working. MAP EDITOR. The game i play it about 5 hours a day like i said the game is great another thing is it would be better if the don't tread on me flag and the rebal flag you could get without being a member plus if you could get monster truck suspicion under a four wheeler and a side by side. I play this game almost every day and I love it but there’s a few things I’d absolutely love to see added. kinda hard to earn money from doing trials and the sounds of the engines aren't the best though. Diesel swaps. Customizations.

Also can you put a way to get cash and gold easier because you have to go look for boxes in the desert or complete trails but it’s not a lot of money you earn sometimes. Copyright © 2014-2020 APKPure All rights reserved.

This is one of the best offroad games out there. Also needs better handling for manual. Any truck can now have monster suspension.- Achievement system has been added!

Now, this game lacks lots of ways to earn money, which is not cool, as it demands you to spend actual money, however, the “damage” system is inaccurate. Other than that it’s a fun game!!! I want my gold and money back and until then this game keeps its 1 Star review. We purchased the blue ford truck for $1.99 and my son modified it with new paint and all these cool bars and bumpers and hitch and all. Such a disappointment. Tracked Off-road vehicle, 4x4 Van, School Bus- Many performance fixes for custom maps- New "Featured" custom maps- Trail Hawk Drones - scout your trail routes or take awesome pics of your rigs- Duallies!- Gooseneck Trailer- Ability to mute people in chat- Ability to turn fine tune in-air control with High, Low, Off settings, - 3 new vehicles! I think that it would make it more fun to be able to actually be able to build a real sema truck you know.

This has a lot of potential, but for me Gigabit is just a more complete game, although after a year of playing it, it too has gone stale. Bookmark us and have fun! First I have put a ton of money into building really nice crawlers and they are overall great. Can’t wait until more styles of the square body are available along with more jeeps and bouncers .

great game and keep up the good work. )- Upgraded Environment graphics- Upgraded terrain graphics in High/Very High graphics settings, - Lots of bug fixes- New Weather Effects (it can rain/snow! Offroad Outlaws gives you what you want in an off-road game: Complete control over how you build, setup, and drive your rig, tons of challenges to complete, and multiplayer so you can explore the open-world trails with your friends. I love the mods. My game on my iPhone 6s keeps kicking me it won’t even load I’ve tried everthing. Only improvements I see that need to be made in the game is the winching for one is not as good as gigabit needs to be like theres if not possibly a bit better because when I’m actually in a tough spot there is never a winch point available or it won’t actually pull me . Other purchases kept popping up on the screen the higher valued ones and it would not stop glitching.

The crazy racing game is finally on the PC!


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