qui and que exercises

5. Quand est-ce que vous quittez Chicago? �aq��.�%w? 'Qui' este le sujet de la phrase tandis que le mot 'que' est le complément d'objet direct. 'Qui' and 'que' are the most confused relative pronouns.
For example,The above sentence with two independent clauses is perfectly grammatical, but there’s another way to say it: combine them into a main and relative clause.Another example:It sounds silly to say maison twice, right? !�IV�Y==�FҮ���n����c��o������ѻ���s�����+�/��ͳ?m{�����ۊ�_�k~wx��3�0�j�ls��W朓B�o���*����w�O���V:�8Yv��B Je te présente Paul que je connais depuis hier. ����0-��7�d����r�Z�T��+߀�B-�s��|u��3�-����k-|��zT)� ��v�r����:w�r��-���)T� 3.

m��rG�U~�қ�C�5#?���4�j,:�W�u��9�yL�ھ��fg\�3,�M��y�D�)���7Bu�z���r�B����Cޕr�֖e�����& # ���idž�~Hn�����ŨN�v�u�{�x��s[�.m��{@�����na7fidiVBw��Uv�� How to Use the French Interrogative Pronouns Qui and Que. <> Antecedents and Pronouns: French Pronunciation of and Grammar Glossary . 5 0 obj With est-ce que... You will place the question word before est-ce que followed by the statement in a normal order.

�^�G�MP(��a�����#.\����S�Q�:*��?���i�� �O��߈ޠ�� �D��G����&��.��~��r�&�9�`@ƍp��h .W�,J���=�[�rp=B�%8��*��7�RS5E���%���JG��R���1Կ����i{o����Cy�b�Gԅ�=�K��W8�Ԏ_�f�LR�3�-�tT�uj��zg]1�a�R�x������"�#�"���^2o�&JPE�P When que is the subject of the question, you must use qu'est-ce followed by qui (which is the part that refers to the subject) and followed by a verb in the third person singular, with no inversion. Complétez les phrases suivantes en utilisant les pronoms qui et que .

This is a common way to start a question: Où est-ce que tu vas ? 2. Using ‘Que’ and Other Relative Pronouns in Spanish. Therefore, when the verb of the subordinate clause is in the passé composé, or any other compound tense, the past participle agrees in number and gender with que. �-Hf}?����O���������E�}6�necs���ӥi�N����tɍ�5�͝[����i?���Ә ]ֵ�-&-�C'�]-&�^�Ht�5zv�N�SF��y�l�|���,vA�~R�+����V�= ��n��ک��a��r�'η�mؤBI���x����n��\��.|O�c~����/.��[(~=Tj� ۙ��+)���Vj�w�?���J�ܐ/�ʟ@���z�¯�rB�ś�}��@1��ՓI*�'��x��.t��� ha�cSZ��s�WP~ݿ*��\�Z���l���qq��Qì��� %PDF-1.4

The past participle also agrees in number and gender with qui if the verb forms its passé composé with 'être'. Where are you going? 'Qui' is the subject of the sentence while 'que' is the direct object.

�$�U�1� Je vais boire le vin que tu as acheté. Qu'est-ce qui se passe ? and Questions: Qui / qui est-ce que = Whom ?.

x��\�n���)��� ���'OA���.� v���1�d[[�m���c�ڷ0rZ=C. x�-24#��4q"�{��s �y��M 3cO"�}�����Ui������x�������̾��־|�_X9��D���Piq�z5qs�Vf�N���|�nn��������Mِ��/ťE����JR���y| �oq�S�V��h"?�Ư���if{�>98�����v��?�!8s!��un %�쏢 2. Que functions as a direct object preceding the verb. "Y��ګ/�y��]��/@��遀��u�\B;G��8"��~���|y��O�Hx,x���e(ȃ�(�E��]��qaz~ When do you leave Chicago? Co��X���:�4ԪK�s�R.��}$5�"ߟ2�Ë���\��J�x�b����mœ�j�0�*��~��H�{Da ����L�\��Kt?��� 2u��[/���J/뜾�~ ���[0�vEʹnj�+�)6o,����x��bF{��)9�↕>S 1. 4. French Superlative Adverbs - …

French Subject Pronouns (Pronoms sujets) Definition and Examples of Relative Pronouns in English. Les exercices que je fais sont très difficiles. See Questions: Qui, qui est-ce qui = Who ? Since it’s a direct object in both sentences, we can join them and replace the second maison with que, and there are tw… 5. ���^$]�$��s���g�c�Xn�����!���Sat�f�o�Sڇa�$7��Q�'�˻�������g � Je prends l’autobus qui passe à 8 h 10. 6�"���"ͫ�e,�aG#VDzõs���ٗG�z��� ��P,nJg��=07G���W�ě�ё2LvtV����}�݀sI9T��\>��[���&�U�"�2W�_. Combien est-ce que ça coûte? Que replaces the direct object in a relative clause, whether it’s a person or a thing. French Homophones 'Lequel,' a Difficult French Pronoun, Explained. 2. W��-���XX
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stream Le monument que je photographie est ancien. 'Qui' et 'que' sont des pronoms relatifs qui peuvent se confondre.


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