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Tom Wolfe. . As Carroll himself writes, “What exactly a measurement is, and what happens when we measure something, and what this all tells us about what’s really happening behind the scenes: together, these questions constitute what’s called the measurement problem of quantum mechanics. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, by Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime.

The same holds true for physicists at the forefront of modern science. As soon as we measure, the cat is either alive or dead. In his book “Something Deeply Hidden” (the title quotes Einstein), Mr. Carroll asserts that quantum mechanics describes not just very small things but everything, including us.


Thinkers before Plato tried to determine the fundamental components of our world, and the urge to build upon this understanding with greater and greater specificity has continued to this day, creating a sort of physical refinery within the natural sciences. He goes to great lengths not only to explain the theory in great detail, but to lay bare the difficulties this claim makes, as well as the problematic nature of any of the many theories attempting to explain the perennially thorny measurement problem in relation to the whole of the cosmos and its foundational aspects. If you’re like me, this explanation might strike you as a clear violation of Occam’s razor. . The thinking goes that these more fundamental constituents are what really exists, while the rest simply emerges from these materials.

Carroll swims against the tide, explaining several theories that attempt to describe what is happening, with an emphasis on his favorite, the many-worlds theory. Today, physicists work largely in the realm of quantum mechanics, but the principles remain the same: to determine ever-deeper constituents of space, time, and matter. He begins by pointing out that in our everyday world, the world of classical mechanics, every object has two features: a location and a velocity. We’re glad you found a book that interests you. .

He writes clearly and with an essential dose of humility, an element glaringly missing in some treatments of the subject.

Many nonetheless... Why East Asia Is Beating the West in Controlling Coronavirus, WSJ Opinion: Media Ignores Escalating Biden Family News Story, On the Mexico Border, Trump Administration Rushes to Build New Wall, WSJ Opinion: The Case For Stopping the Covid-19 Lockdowns, News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. In Something Deeply Hidden, Carroll describes people urging him to downplay his interest in theory if he wants to get a job. In Something Deeply Hidden, Sean Carroll argues that this situation is embarrassing and unnecessary, as we do have a very promising way of understanding quantum reality: the Many-Worlds theory, pioneered by Hugh Everett. This interpretation of the quantum problem of measurement does fit the math in many ways, but it fails to explain much else about the universe that further experimentation and equation-solving have brought to light. Praise for Something Deeply Hidden “What makes Carroll's new project so worthwhile, though, is that while he is most certainly choosing sides in the debate, he offers us a cogent, clear, and compelling guide to the subject while letting his passion for … While large objects obey the laws of classical mechanics, the world isn’t really classical: it’s quantum. Editorial Reviews. In fact, such has been the case for at least the last century, perhaps much longer, depending on one’s viewpoint. All Rights Reserved. |

‧ Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist and one of this world’s most celebrated writers on science, rewrites the history of 20th century physics.

Tom Wolfe In the Copenhagen interpretation, the measurement is what — more or less — causes the cat to be in that state. BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR Hope Jahren. However, Carroll (Theoretical Physics/Caltech; The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself, 2016, etc.) Although true for objects of any size, quantum mechanics becomes essential at the atomic and subatomic levels.

I titled my piece “Here a Universe, There a Universe . © Copyright 2020 Kirkus Media LLC.

In other words, quantum mechanics describes everything we experience in the world, too, only to a much higher level of precision than classical, Newtonian physics. they truly owed her"); and, in a crude hatchet-job, he's with John Glenn furious at Al Shepard's being chosen for the first flight, pontificating to the others about their licentious behavior, or holding onto his self-image during his flight ("Oh, yes! There is absolutely no consensus within physics or philosophy on how to solve the measurement problem, although there are a number of promising ideas.”, For his part, Carroll is a proponent of one promising idea called the Many Worlds Theory, an interpretation of quantum mechanics stating that each time someone makes a quantum measurement a new world branches off from the current timeline. The author disagrees but admits that, as a description of how reality works, it makes no sense. He writes: “Schrodginer’s wave function works; you have a single function that depends on the possible positions of all the particles in the universe.” Sounds a lot like classical mechanics.


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