Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Why do I need to capture my school life achievements?

We can list many reasons for compiling your school-age achievements.

1. We are in a digital age where colleges and employers are looking beyond test scores and more at students' holistic skills and achievements. Over 1000 colleges have made SAT/ACT optional. An yearly survey found that 40% study found that college admission officers check candidates' social media. Why not take charge and showcase your best self? Whether it's playing soccer or being on the student body council, every experience develops your personality and builds important skills. By including all major achievements and activities, you can highlight your holistic strengths and talents. With this, you can increase your chances of success and open more doors of opportunities for students.

2. Secondly, it's capturing memories. Over time, we all tend to forget activities and achievements such as summer programs, after-school programs, performances or sports. Cirkled In provides a secure, centralized, designed for students and a mobile-friendly platform to compile and track students' entire school life achievements.

How can I share my profile?

Great! You are on track to Showcase Yourself in the best possible way for all applications. You can share your profile with anyone using "Share Profile" button in your Summary section on top of your profile.
You can send a link to your guest (online sharing). When you send a link, all sections marked as "Public" will be visible to your guest.
You can also attach a PDF (offline sharing) with your email. In PDF, you can select the categories you want to add in the PDF. 

How much does it cost to use Cirkled In?

Cirkled In is completely free for students, families and teachers and always will be. Currently, it's free for high schools and youth organizations also. In the future, there will be a small fee for schools to use Cirkled In for their whole school.

I started as a parent account. Now my child is old enough to maintain his/her profile. Can I transfer the account to him/her?

Yes. Cirkled In promotes students taking ownership of their learning and profile. As they become mature and computer savvy, families can allow access to kids. Under parents' account, click on down arrow next to your name in top right corner and go to "Settings" page. In front of each student's name, click on "Edit Options" and select "Allow Student Access". Enter your student's email address and a temporary password and select "Save". And your student has access to the profile instantly. Student will only have access to his/her account. They will not be able to see their siblings' account.

On which platforms is Cirkled In supported?

Cirkled In can be used on any device such as smartphone(s), tablet(s), phablet(s), PCs and Macs. Cirkled In is supported on all the browsers that support HTML5 such as Internet Explorer(ver 11 or higher), Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Cirkled In does not have a mobile app right now but they are on our roadmap. We will release Apps as they become available.

Security Measures
How safe and secure is Cirkled In?

Safety and security are on top of our priority list. We have taken many measures to meet this priority.

First and foremost, our website is secured with https - encoded with SSL (Secured Socket Link) certification from an independent third party.
Second, each user's password is encoded with a security code.
Next, no profile is searchable by search engines.
Additionally, each file attachment can only be viewed when you are logged in on the platform. Only you and your invited guests can view your attachments.
Finally, you as the user, control the privacy settings on your profile. You have the flexibility of making each section Private or Public. Only public sections will be visible to your invited guests.

What do different Privacy Settings mean?

We have designed student profile with seven sections such as Academics, Supplemental learning, Summer programs, Sports, Music and Arts, Volunteering and Internship(s). To give you full control of your profile visibility, we have added privacy settings at every section level. Each of the seven sections can be made "Private" or "Public".
"Private" setting means "for my eyes only". No one but you as the account holder can see the section marked as Private.
"Public" setting means "For me and my guests". When you send a link to the profile to your guest, they can see public sections of your profile. 

Where can I change the Privacy Settings?

You can change each individual section's privacy setting on the "Life Story" page after you login. In addition, in the "Setting" page, you can change the privacy setting for all sections with one button click.

Profile Updates
I participate in lot of individual activities, not associated with any organization such as cycling, rollerblading, ice-skating etc. Where do I record these?

Activities should be captured under the category they belong to, even if they are not associated with any organization. For example, cycling, rollerblading etc. should be recorded under Sports category. Individual piano activities should be under Music & Arts category.

If an activity is part of the after-school club, where should I record it? Under the grade level or in its own category like sports or music?

There is no wrong answer to this question. Activities can be captured wherever you feel it fits. Our recommendation is that if an activity spans over a year and beyond one grade, record it under its own category. For example, if choir or orchestra spans across multiple grades, put that under Music category so that you can show continuum over time.

Where do I capture clubs like Debate Club, National Honors Society?

There is no wrong answer to this question. Clubs can be captured wherever you feel it fits.

Clubs can be added to each grade under Academics section. If students participates in the same club across multiple grades, that club should be added to all those grades. For example, if student participates in Debate club all through high school, it should be added in all grades, 9-12. Explanation of debate club for the subsequent years, should be enhanced by showing progress and continuation from the last grade.

If some clubs like National Honors Society are related to volunteering services, they can also be added under Volunteering section. Or you can keep them under each grade when you participated in that club.

Cirkled In platform gives you flexibility in terms of where to place the information. Because no matter where you put it, it will be there for you to use when needed and recruiters/admission officer will still get to see it when you share your profile.

School Questions

Why should schools use Cirkled In?

Cirkled In has built great value for schools.
With Cirkled In as e-profile and e-portfolio solution, schools help their students be successful beyond high school endeavor. With more students accepted for prestigious opportunities, schools reduce student churn, attract more new students and strengthen their brand.
Schools also improve their operational efficiency by teachers and counselors knowing their students better and faster. Schools can accelerate the learning in a new school year if teachers can see students' holistic profile in a 30-second view.
Schools can also track their alumni through and beyond graduation.

What does school get under Cirkled In license?

With Cirkled In license, schools get the complete package of benefits for school, all its teachers and students. Schools get:
1. School portal with monitor and tracking of students and alumni.
2. All school teachers' accounts with the ability to view and recommend students, associated with them. All students are organized by the periods under each teacher
3. All school students with a premium account with free access at home and outside school also.

Can't I have my students create their free consumer account and just use that? What are the benefits of school account over individual students account?

Yes, your students can open their free consumer account. In this case though, they'll be operating on an individual basis and not as part of a school entity. Teachers will not only be able to view student's profile. School will not be able to monitor their student body's progress or won't be able to track their students over time.

How does school pricing work?

Currently, Cirkled In is being offered free to schools in lieu of their feedback.

Student Tracking
What happens to student's account after they graduate from my school?

Either students can transfer their account to next school or they can switch to consumer account. On Cirkled In, students' data always remains with students through schools, city, states or any other changing variable.

Can I cancel my school license if I don't want it?

We don't think you would want to do that but yes, you can cancel your license if needed. In that case, all students and teachers will automatically switch to the consumer account. Their profiles will remain intact except teachers won't be able to see students' profiles, as they are no longer connected thru the school portal.
You will lose access to the school portal, meaning student growth monitoring and tracking.

How is Cirkled In different from other tools, available to high school counselors?

Cirkled In has a student-centric approach with student at the center of the circle, supported by all other people in education ecosystem. When students succeed, teachers and schools succeed. Schools and teachers get the tools to support student and increase their success rate.
With Cirkled In:
- Students can start as early as in elementary or middle school and track every accomplishment throughout their school life without losing or forgetting it. With student-centric approach, Cirkled In data stays with students through schools, city, states or any other variable. Other tools usually start in high school and disconnected for students after graduation.
- Students maintain their accomplishments both inside and outside school. With richer, broader and deeper data, schools can increase their student's acceptance in prestigious colleges and universities.
- Cirkled In is not limited to college admissions. Students can share their profile for all applications such as summer jobs, internships, scholarships etc. Other school counselor tools are usually not used by employers in hiring.
- With a quick glance at students' profiles, teachers get to know their students quickly accelerating the class ramp up at the beginning of the school year. On regular basis, teachers can tailor the learning by knowing the holistic story of students' day and life, both in and out of the school.
- Cirkled In profile provides school counselors important insight into student's complete picture of school life and helps them help students with applications or any other issues.
- Cirkled In has been designed and built with input for high school students with a modern interface, which is mobile and generation Z friendly.
- Families and students collaborate throughout students' school life in maintaining the profile. Other tools are usually only used by students and only in school. Parents are rarely engaged.

How is Cirkled In different from other professional networking platforms?

In many ways such as:
- First and foremost, Cirkled In is a secure and closed platform, meaning no one can search and look at the student profile without getting a link from the students (except in schools setting, teachers can view students' profile). Other professional networks are open to the public where anyone can see your student's profile.
- Other platforms are also prone to spam and advertising that may expose students to inappropriate material.
- Cirkled In is customized to compile and track students' achievements in multiple categories like academics, sports, music, summer camps, volunteering etc. other professional networks are not conducive to the activities students do.

We have many features on our roadmap. So stay tuned for those updates. If you would like to see some features added on Cirkled In platform, please share with us at

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