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Cirkled In is with you at every step of the way, as we all navigate through an ever-changing education landscape and times filled with uncertainty. We understand that you all are at home right now, trying to learn not only educational material, but also trying to understand the daily, and sometimes hourly, news impacting you. We will be bringing the latest information that matters to students like you, right here on this page. Check it on a daily basis and also share it with your friends. Right now - one thing that matters the most is Community. Let's ride this together and come out stronger on the other side.

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Students Survey Results

COVID19: Making Student's Rethink Their College Plan

Of course, COVID-19 is disruption for millions of families in the United States. Families are adapting to a “New Normal” and this pandemic is something completely unplanned and unprecedented. Considering that, it’s not surprising that 22% students surveyed are rethinking their plans for higher education.

In light of COVID-19, how likely are you to change your plans to go to college or not? Tell us in this survey (takes less than a minute)

COVID19: Changing Student's Financial Situation

Students and colleges are thinking the same. In our survey of 1,100 college students, we found that 69% of students expect a change in their financial situation as it relates to higher education.

In light of COVID-19, how likely is it that your financial situation for higher education will change? Tell us in this survey (takes less than a minute)

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