Increase student success

Prepare your students with a FREE digital portfolio to help them get discovered by colleges. Succeed with your students!

  • Better prepare students for life after High School
  • Track alumni and replicate your success
  • Improve classroom & counselor efficiency
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Increase student success

Prepare your students to be ready for college and all applications. Help them put their best foot forward and meet your organizational goals too.

Upload Awards, videos & other media
Students are more than just a test score
Easily share on any application
Share a secure link on any application that can only be seen by the people students choose.
Track students and alumni

Track your graduates beyond graduation. Gather actionable insights into your students' success and replicate it. See it all on intuitive and fun dashboards.

Chart your students' success
See what percentage of students went to college, military, apprenticeships or other paths.
Replicate Success
By understanding what is working for students, you can focus your efforts.
Improve operational efficiency

Help your teachers and counselors know their students with a 30 sec profile view. Get a head start on learning in the new school year and reduce counselors' workload.

30-second profile view
Gain a deeper understanding of your students at a single glance
Counselors save time
Counselors become more effective and efficient with the data in our platform.
Help your rockstar students shine

Academics, music, sports and so much more. Help your students showcase their entire story in the best possible way.

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An award winning platform

Schools love to partner with Cirkled In

I am using Cirkled In for working with students for resume and cover letter building... It gave my students more confidence, helped change their behavior and it gave my students a larger sense of accomplishment.

Nancy Pappas
Career Dev Director

Cirkled In gave our youth an easy to use, engaging, and effective platform to understand and display their skills and achievements. With a calling to serve the youth, we are grateful for our growing partnership with Cirkled In.

Daniel Lawrence
Leadership Dev Director

I found it super easy to use and almost fun... within a month, I got my internship... I highly recommend Cirkled In to anyone trying to figure out what they want to do.


I like how Cirkled In gives you a lot of ways to showcase yourself.  You can show all your past experiences and how you have grown as a person and that is really important.

Recruiters looking at social media
Social negatively impacts success
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Colleges have made the SAT/ACT optional

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