Get ready to showcase your artistic side! It’s time to add some pizzazz to your profile with music and arts. Did you know playing an instrument or singing can improve your math skills? Not only that but sharing your passion for the arts can also connect you with others on a personal level and add depth to your profile.

You’ve seen previous guides on academic achievements, supplemental learning, and summer activities, but now it’s time to explore the world of music and arts.

You can watch this 5-minute video here or follow the steps listed below.

Cirkled In Profile: Showcasing Music and Arts Activities

So let’s get started. If you do not have an account already, you can create one for free at

Step 1: Adding Music and Arts to Your Profile:

To add your Music and Art activities, click on the “Edit Profile” option on the left menu of your Cirkledin profile. Then on the main window, you’ll see seven categories, including Music and Arts.

Cirkled In Profile: Adding Music and Arts Activities

Cirkled In Profile: Adding Music and Arts Activities

Step 2: Entering your Music/ Art Activity: 

Adding music and arts to your profile is super easy and customized to your personal experiences.

Once you have selected the Music and Arts category, click on the ‘Add’ button, and a form will pop up. Fill out the form with all the relevant information. Whether you’ve sung in a choir, played in an orchestra, taken piano lessons, or participated in a visual arts program, you can add any music or art-related activity to your profile.

Cirkled In Profile: Adding a Music and Arts Activity

Cirkled In Profile: Adding a Music and Arts Activity

Step 3: Filling in the details:

You can enter the program name, select the organization you worked with, and choose the state and city where the program took place. Not finding your program in the dropdown list? No problem, simply enter the program name yourself!

If you’re currently enrolled, you can select that option too.

Cirkled In Profile: Adding Music and Arts Activity Details

Cirkled In Profile: Adding Music and Arts Activity Details

Step 4: Showcasing Your Artistic Awards and Achievements: 

But don’t just stop at filling out the basic information. Showcasing your artistic achievements is the key to really making your profile stand out. This is your chance to flaunt your talents to the world!

In the summary, section, share your experiences, the performances you participated in, the skills you learned, and how you grew as a person through the experience.

And if you have any external links to videos or newspaper articles showcasing your talents, be sure to add them too!

Cirkled In Profile: Adding Awards and Honors, attachments and External Links


In just a few minutes, you can add a touch of artistry to your Cirkled In profile and connect with others on a personal level. So go ahead, and add music and arts to your profile alongside your academic and supplemental learning experiences. Because at the end of the day, we’re all human, and sharing our passions and hobbies is a fantastic way to connect with others.

Stay tuned for our next guide on adding sports to your profile. Get ready to show off your athletic prowess!

See you in the next Episode!