Volunteering – A Guide to Showcasing Your Contribution and Impact

Welcome to part seven of our ten-part series on Cirkled In, where we help you shine a light on YOU and showcase to the recruiters for all your application – from college and scholarship to jobs and internships. Today, we’re talking about your contribution to society and your impact through Volunteering.

Many colleges and universities look for applicants who have a history of volunteering and community service. By volunteering in high school or college, students can demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact and increase their chances of being accepted to the college of their choice.

Volunteering is also a fantastic way for students to gain valuable experience and give back to their communities. Whether it’s working with a local nonprofit organization or participating in a service project through school, there are many benefits to volunteering. It is the opportunity to develop important skills that can be applied in a variety of settings. For example, students who volunteer may learn how to work in a team, communicate effectively, and solve problems creatively. These skills can be valuable in the workplace and in other areas of life.

In this guide, we will explore how volunteering can be an excellent way to showcase your sympathy and empathy on Cirkled In, and how to effectively track and enter your volunteering activities.

You can watch this 5-minute video here or follow the steps listed below.

Cirkled In Profile: Showcasing Your Volunteering

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Step 1:  Showcase your Empathy through Volunteering on Cirkled In

Firstly, go to your edit profile on the left navigation bar and click on the Volunteering section. Here, you can enter all your volunteering activities and showcase how you give back to your community.

Cirkled In Profile: Adding a Volunteering Activity

Step 2: Adding Volunteering Activities 

Once you have selected the Volunteering category, click on the ‘Add’ button, and a form will pop up.

Fill out the form with all the relevant information such as program name, organization, location, start and end time, and volunteering hours.

Cirkled In Profile: Adding Volunteering Activity Details

Cirkled In Profile: Adding Volunteering Activity Details

Tips for Tracking Volunteer Hours

To accurately track your volunteering hours, you can choose to enter them on a total, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. Although total volunteering hours are ideal for showcasing your commitment to an activity, other forms of tracking are also available.

Cirkled In Profile: Many ways to track Volunteering Hours

Step 3: Highlight Your Recognition: 

By including any recognition you received during a volunteering activity and a summary of your activity you show how you have gone above and beyond of your already great contribution to the society.

Tell in summary the skills you may have gained through this activity.

Cirkled In Profile: Volunteering: Adding Recognitions

Cirkled In Profile: Volunteering: Adding Recognitions

Step 4: Showcase Your Impact with External Links and Attachments 

You can also add external links and attachments to your volunteering activities, such as short videos, presentations, and newspaper articles, to provide additional context and visual aids.

Cirkled In Profile: Volunteering: Adding External Links and Awards

Cirkled In Profile: Volunteering: Adding External Links and Awards

Bonus Step: Get Recommendations – Boost Your Credibility

To add validation to your volunteering activities, it’s crucial to take recommendations from teachers or coaches. With Cirkled In, requesting a recommendation is quick and easy.

Cirkled In Profile: Volunteering: Take Recommendations!

Conclusion and Call-to-Action

In conclusion, volunteering is an excellent way for students to gain valuable experience, explore their interests, and make a positive impact on their communities.

Cirkled In empowers you to showcase your impact and personal growth in front of recruiters and admission officers. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can effectively track and enter your volunteering activities and receive recommendations that add validation to your work. Start showcasing your volunteering impact today!

See you in the next Episode!