Increase Student Success

Give your students the college admissions edge with customized student profiles. Showcase their full academic experience, not just their GPA and SAT/ACT scores. With Cirkled In’s student portfolios, you will:

Arrow Grant students access to thousands of colleges through their profiles

Arrow Track alumni and replicate their success through your dashboard

Arrow Improve classroom and counselor efficiency

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Equip Students for College

Prepare your students to get into college, no matter where they land on the academic spectrum. And connect them with over 1000 colleges nationwide. These academic portfolios enable students to:


Arrow Upload images and videos of their successes, in and out of the classroom.


Arrow Students can share a secure link to their portfolio on any application. It is only visible to the people the students choose.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Help your teachers and counselors gain a deeper understanding of their students at a single glance. With our 30-second student profile view, staff can learn about a student’s academic career at a glance from their Cirkled In portfolio.

Arrow Get “at a glance” data on each student through their academic profiles

Arrow Save time by quickly reviewing academic backgrounds and educational data

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Track Students and Alumni

With Cirkled In’s advance technology, you're able to track graduates beyond graduation. Gain key insights into your students’ successes and replicate them. See all the data on an intuitive and fun dashboard.


Arrow See what percentage of students went to college, the military, an apprenticeship or took other paths.


Arrow By understanding what is working for your students, you can focus your efforts and replicate what works.

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Nancy Pappas

Career Development Program Manager, Trades Teacher, and CTE Partner
Tyee High School, Burien, WA

I am using Cirkled In for working with students for resume and cover letter building... It gave my students more confidence, helped change their behavior and it gave my students a larger sense of accomplishment.


Jamila Walida Simon

Associate Director of Innovation in Youth Programming
Cornell Cooperative Extension, NY

Cirkled In helped our 4-H members to tell their 4-H story and to compile their work in one place so they don't have to remember what they worked on from year to year. It helped our educators to take a moment and take stock in how our 4-H members contribute to communities. We are looking forward to a boost in how we tell the larger 4-H story of how we grow communities through youth.


Charlene Hernandez

AVID Teacher
San Benito High School, CA

I love that your product allows students to showcase all the amazing things they do with the visual component. The students are excited to see how they can add their performances, certificates, and awards they have received throughout their years at their high school.

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