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You are more than just a test score

Did you know that over 1,000 colleges have made SAT/ACT optional? Colleges and Internships have realized that a few numbers on a page are not a good representation of who you really are. Unfortunately, they are turning to your social media profiles instead and it rarely ends well. Use Cirkled In to present the story of who you truly are.

Upload Awards, videos & other media
You can store all of your media on our platform. No more forgetting what you did in the summer of 9th grade.
Easily share on any application
Share a secure link on any application that can only be seen by the people you choose.
Colleges use our platform to find right-fit students

Why should you have to do all the work of finding the right college? On our platform, colleges find you! By presenting your holistic story of who you are, the right colleges can find the perfect fit for you. This increases your chances of getting into the right school and getting the right financial aid.

Having a robust profile will increase your chances of being found
Admissions no longer have to research social media for more info
Capture your whole story

Compile all your achievements over time - academics and extra-curricular in a fun and easy way, on a platform designed just for you. Express Yourself with diverse multimedia content such as images, videos, presentations, PDFs and more… all stored at one central location. You can even take recommendations from your teachers and private coaches.

Store everything in one place
Don't worry about losing anything from previous years
Request Recommendations
Your coaches and teachers can easily give you recommendations

You're in control of privacy

Mark each section private or shareable; we’ll also keep it secure with SSL and multiple layers of security. Search engines can't crawl your data.

Your data - forever

You can start in any grade and your profile will stay with you forever thru changing school, college, careers and beyond. Don’t leave your work behind.

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Recruiters looking at social media
Social negatively impacts success
1k +
Colleges have made the SAT/ACT optional
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Increase your students’ success by preparing them for changing admissions landscape and meet your organizational goals. Get actionable insights into your success and replicate it.


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