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Compile and track kids' and students' entire school life achievements. Share their holistic profile and increase chances of acceptance for various applications.

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Will you be ready for the opportunities that come your way? Will you be prepared to highlight all your strengths and talents while applying to summer camps, schools, internships, college, scholarships etc?

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Cirkled inTM provides a secure and centralized online platform, specifically designed to compile and track students' school life achievements, overtime and both in and out of the school.

Families can use it for free with premium features on their way.
Increase students' chances of acceptance for all applications through out their school life by sharing their comprehensive profile with coaches, admission officers, recruiters or simply with grandma!

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"Cirkled-in gave our youth an easy to use, engaging, and effective platform to understand and display their skills and achievements. Working in a Teen development center, you always need to be advancing with technology, Cirkled-in helps us to do that."
- Danel Lawrence-Leadership Development Director, YMCA KTUB

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Our Story - Dedicated to all Parents

Cirkled inTM is created and designed by parents who first-hand experienced the importance of showcasing a student's achievements for a school application. In today's competitive world, one accomplishment can make a difference in student's prospects and chances of success. For our kid, it was her 5th grade science project!