This is part two of our 10-part series on polishing your Cirkled In profile. In this article and video, we will guide you on how to showcase your Academics Accomplishments.

As a student, Academics are the most important part of your growth and hence the most important category on your Cirkeld In profile.  In today’s competitive world, showcasing your academic achievements is crucial to stand out from the crowd. Cirkeld In provides you with a student-centric platform, designed and built just for you.

You can watch this 5-minute video here or follow the steps listed below.

Cirkled In: Updating Academics

So let’s get started. If you do not have an account already, you can create one for free at

Step 1: Selecting Academic Category:

To add your academic information, Click on the “Edit Profile” option on the left menu of your Cirkledin profile. Then on the main window, you’ll see seven categories, including Academics.

This is where you compile everything you have learned inside your school. You can add as many grades as you want. For each grade, you can include information about your clubs, activities, and anything else that showcases your academic excellence.

Cirkled In: Academics

Cirkled In: Academics

Step 2: Adding Grades:

Once you have selected the ‘Academics’ category, click on the ‘Add’ button, and a form will pop up.

In the form, select your grade, and add all the data for that grade. Create as many grade entries as you want.

If you are in high school, you should add your grades by grade. If you are in college, you can add by the grade level such as high school/ middle school etc.

Add your GPA, any AP or IB courses you have taken, and the duration of the course.

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade

Step 3: Adding Awards and Achievements:

The Awards and Achievements section is where you can showcase your unique skills and accomplishments that set you apart from the rest.

You can add information about your recognition, and participation in science fairs, clubs, projects, competitions etc.

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade: Add Awards, Clubs and Projects

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade: Add Awards, Clubs and Projects

Step 4: Summary and External Links

The summary section is where you summarize your academic experience for this grade. In this section, you can give a brief overview of how your current grade has been for you.

The external Links section is also an opportunity to showcase your work in action by including links to YouTube or other videos, pictures, or even TikTok videos.

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade: Add Summary and External Links

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade: Add Summary and External Links

Step 5: Attachments: 

Upload attachments, such as a transcript, award certificate, or participation certificate. This is your chance to showcase your hard work and dedication in a secure and organized manner.

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade: Upload Attachments

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade: Upload Attachments

Step 6: Taking Recommendations:

One unique feature of Cirkledin is the ability to receive recommendations from your counselors, teachers, or mentors.

You can ask them to write a quick blurb about you, attach a file or picture, and give you that recommendation. This recommendation can be very useful when applying for colleges or jobs, as it shows that you are a well-rounded individual.

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade: Take Recommendations

Cirkled In: Academics: Add a Grade: Take Recommendations

Bonus Step: Sharing Your Profile:

Once you have started adding your academic information on Cirkled In profile, you can share your profile with anyone you want. Cirkled in’s security features ensure that your profile cannot be searched by anyone on the internet, but you can share your profile link with potential employers or college admissions officers.

This way, you can showcase yourself beyond test scores and GPA in a holistic and authentic manner.

Cirkled In: Share Your Profile

Cirkled In: Share Your Profile


In conclusion, Cirkledin is an excellent platform to showcase your academic achievements and profile in a professional manner. By following the above steps, you can ensure that your academic achievements are presented in the best possible way. So, start building your academic profile on Cirkledin today and stand out from the crowd.

We hope that our guide has provided you with the necessary tools to create a compelling profile that represents who you are. Remember to upload images that showcase your talents, share your passions and interests, and highlight your recent achievements.

Now, it’s your turn to take action and create your Cirkled In profile. Start by adding your current grade and then keep adding more over time.

We’re excited to see your Cirkled In profile, so be sure to share it with us. And if you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s work together to tell the world who you are!

See you in the next Episode!