We are thrilled to announce Cirkled In’s latest award of the “Best Online & Blended Learning Solution” in Excellence in Equity Awards program presented by the American Consortium for Equity in Education.

We’re humbled to be honored among schools, educators, and other industry players who have been selected out of more than 160 nominations for our role in moving the needle around educational equity.

As a social-mission driven company, this has always been Cirkled In’s mission – to level the playing field for ALL students’ access to ALL opportunities. We do this by bringing the whole ecosystem together.

  • Cirkled In is built with equity in mind: ALL students showcase themselves, holistically with a 360-degree view of their holistic and authentic self.

  • Cirkled In brings ALL opportunities to students – small and big, educational and employment, local and remote. Cirkled In provides information about universities, trade schools, part time jobs, internships, scholarships and many more opportunities.

  • With schools – we work in rural and urban districts and charter networks across the country providing our services at reduced or no cost where there is need.

  • Working with colleges – we encourage them and help them to look beyond test scores and use holistic portfolio review as part (or all) of their applications.

  • Working with nonprofits – who focus on college access and success. Coaches work with students using Cirkled In and help them plan their pathways.

  • Working with business partners – to use our job & internship portal to provide opportunities to all kids for afterschool and summer jobs, and work based learning opportunities.

We are very proud of our achievements so far. Today Cirkled In student demographics include 55% underserved communities and 59% with household income less than $60,000.

Cirkled In is helping schools across the country, provide equitable opportunities to high school students and is continuing to innovate to achieve this. In fact,  the award comes at a perfect time as it pairs with the announcement of our latest offering for schools:  “Partner Up: Schools + Businesses”.

Whether a school has a formal internship program or they just provide encouragement to students to gain real life experience, Cirkled In makes it easier for them.

With the “Partner Up” program, Cirkled In hosts schools’ partnerships with local (or remote) businesses for internship or work based learning programs. We remove the hassle of administering internship and work-based learning connections and make it super easy for students to connect with the best-fit opportunities.

We contribute to providing opportunities ourselves. Cirkled In offers its own internships to high school and college students, both local and virtual.

With Cirkled In’s “Partner Up: Schools + Businesses”

  • We host all the internships, part time jobs and research opportunities supporting school/business partnerships.

  • Students find and apply to all the opportunities with their Cirkled In profile with the click of a button.

  • Businesses use Cirkled In’s 360 degree profile to make the best-fit match, creating win-win for students and themselves.

We’re honored to be partnering with all of our students, schools, and colleges to create more opportunities for more students. Let’s create the world we all crave!

Reach out and let’s discuss how we can join hands to make education more Effective, Efficient and Equitable.