We, the Cirkled In team, had a great time at NACAC Conference this year. This year, we were fortunate enough for the conference to be held in Seattle, WA. Since the conference was in Cirkled In’s home state, we felt that there was a huge advantage to build connections and get the most out of the event!

Cirkled In has found value in NACAC’s conference every year. NACAC’s latest assignment of finding a solution for equitable college admissions will be the game changer, not only for the higher education industry but for all the students across the country. That is why we are a fan of this organization as our missions are so well aligned.

We believe that education is the most powerful tool to change the world. 

Cirkled In is driven by its social mission of closing the opportunity gap both in higher education and employment. Having an exhibition to showcase this mission only became a cherry on top of the countless opportunities the event had to offer.

In addition to showcasing our outstanding platform, Cirkled In’s very own Reetu Gupta, got the opportunity to connect with NACAC’s CEO, Angel B. Perez!

Angel has done an outstanding job solidifying NACAC’s vision and has made a brilliant push to illustrate diversity, equity, and inclusion in the company. In his keynote speech at the Consortium on High Achievement and Success, Angel said

All of my years working with students from all over the globe have taught me that talent is universal, but opportunity is not.”

Learn more about Mr. Perez and his phenomenal work, at his website: https://www.angelbperez.com/

The Cirkled In Team! (Left to right: Derrick, Reetu)

Cirkled In’s booth was managed by Derrick Bell, and Lawrence Chon with some visits from Reetu Gupta. Throughout the conference, we had the opportunity to represent Cirkled In’s platform and network with hundreds of educators from all over the nation.

Hundreds of educators including teachers as well as college admission officers visited Cirkled In’s booth. Many labeled this as the “tool of the future” for the next generations to come through their institutions. Some of the other notable quotes we heard were

“this is the best thing after slice of bread”

“can I get my class started next week”

“Cirkled In will be an amazing tool to find the best fit students for our college.”

With the amount of amazing leaders at NACAC, Cirkled In managed to get the attention of the one and only, Jeff Selingo! Selingo, is an award winning author and journalist whose work has been mentioned in newspapers and magazines ranging from The York Times to The Economist and Food Network Magazine. He is also well known for the The New York Times Notable Book of 2020 titled, Who Gets in and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions.

If you’d like to see more of Selingo’s best work and learn more about his story, check out the link below!  https://jeffselingo.com/

Meeting leaders like Angel B. Perez and Jeff Selingo can sometimes be a once in a lifetime opportunity. That is a big reason why Cirkled In takes part in events like the NACAC Annual Conference. Connecting with brilliant minds that strive to improve higher education for the better has always linked with Cirkled In’s vision.